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Planview Platform Administration

What Are Platform Admin and Planview ID?

Planview Platform Administration (Platform Admin) is an application for both users and administrators that simplifies the access to and management of multiple Planview applications. With Platform Admin, users can sign in to multiple Planview applications with one account from a single location. For administrators, Platform Admin is also a self-service tool that centralizes many tasks for managing Planview applications, connectors, and users (including authorization and authentication), freeing administrators from managing users in each Planview application separately and reducing the need to contact Customer Care to perform such tasks.

Platform Admin includes Planview ID, an authentication platform where each user needs only a single user name and password to access multiple Planview applications, providing an organization's users with a shared sign-in experience. Administrators can also consolidate user management with Planview ID, keeping users in sync across all supported Planview applications.

Platform Admin is free for Planview customers and currently supports Planview Enterprise One, Planview LeanKit, Planview PPM Pro, and Planview Projectplace.



To use Platform Admin with Enterprise One, you must have Enterprise One Continuous Cloud release November 2021 or later.



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Example of the Platform Admin home screen


Platform Admin Features

The following table describes the Platform Admin features available to users and administrators.

Feature Description
One URL to access multiple Planview applications From the Overview tab of Platform Admin, users and administrators can launch any available Planview application, which provides a centralized location for accessing connected Planview applications. (Users and administrators can also still use the individual URLs to access Planview applications or environments.)
One account to sign in to multiple Planview applications Users and administrators need only one Planview ID account to sign in to all connected Planview application environments.
Simplified single sign-on (SSO) management Administrators only need to set up SSO once, making it easier to handle annual certificate rotations by needing to manage only one certificate.
Planview application management, including management of multiple sandboxes Administrators can manage multiple environments for each Planview product added to Platform Admin. For example, one product could have one production and multiple sandbox environments, while another product could have two production environments and three sandboxes.
Centralized Planview user and Planview ID management

Administrators can keep users in sync across all connected Planview applications using Planview ID, which allows administrators to view imported users for all connected Planview applications, view the current user counts for each application, audit users, manage the users' login types, and export the user list to a CSV file.

The flexibility to use SSO or password sign-ins Administrators can configure whether users sign in with a password or use SSO.
Planview connector management Administrators can enable connectors between Planview application environments, view active Planview connectors, and view the status of those connectors.
Third-party domain user management Administrators can create a single, unified password sign-in for external users or contractors across the connected Planview application environments.

How Do I Get Platform Admin?

To enable Platform Admin, create a support ticket for Customer Care to create a Platform Admin account for your organization. Then, follow the instructions in Getting Started with Platform Admin to set up and start using Platform Admin.