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By Years Chart

The By Years charts are a collection of three kinds of chart which are used to visualize change in your portfolio year over year. The By Years chart types available are:

  • vertical bar chart
  • horizontal bar chart
  • line chart

The visibility of projects in the chart is controlled by the project list under the chart. Only projects visible in the list are visible in the chart. 

Chart Control Description

Selects a field with values that you want to see changing over time.

  • In the vertical bar and line charts, this field creates the left axis
  • In the horizontal bar chart, this field creates the bottom axis.

Selects the entities that are tracked in the chart.

  • In the bar charts, this field defines the segments of each bar.
  • In the line chart, this field defines what each line in the chart is.
Color Selects a field to color the bars or line.
Compare Selects a field with reference values to compare the chart data against. This option is only available to the bar charts.

Options to make additional data like names visible in the chart. These options are only available to the bar charts.