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Bar Chart

Bar charts can be used to visually represent data from any numerical field in Planview Advisor. You can hover over individual segments in each bar to see an overview of what it represents or click on a segment to drill down into its details. We also have a video tutorial on bar charts here.

The visibility and sorting of the segments in each bar is controlled by the project list under the chart. Only projects visible in the list are visible in the chart. The segments in each bar are sorted the way projects are in the project list.

Chart Control Description
Left Selects a field with a numerical value that determines the height of the bars in the chart.
Bottom Selects a field to categorize the bars. 
Group Selects a field to aggregate project data in the bars. By default, projects are stacked individually in the bars as blocks. This control allows you to change the composition of each block.
Color Selects a field to color the bars.

The bar chart has the following optional display options:

  • Name - Displays project name
  • Value - Displays value of the block
  • % - Displays the percentage of the bar that consists of the block
  • Totals - Displays the total value of the bar
  • Group - Displays each block as a separate bar
  • Expand - Expands the bars.
  • Legend - Displays the legend.
  • Pareto line - Displays the Pareto line