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Frontier Chart

A frontier chart allows you to compare the value of the projects in your portfolio against the costs of those projects. The left axis of the chart represents increasing value as it travels up and the bottom axis represents increasing cost as it travels to the right. The individual projects in the portfolio are points on the graph are plotted in the chart based on their value and cost.

Once your projects are placed in the chart, it becomes easier to visualize which projects are projected to deliver the best value for their cost.

The visibility of projects in the chart is controlled by the project list under the chart. Only projects visible in the list are visible in the chart. 

Chart Control Description
Left Selects a field to define the left axis of the chart
Bottom Selects a field to define the bottom axis of the chart
Value Selects a field that will be the value associated with each project.
Cost Selects a field that will be the cost associated with each project.

Selects a field to generate labels for each dot in the chart.

Group Selects what each dot represents.
Color Selects a field to color each dot.
Shape Selects a fiedl that defines the shape of the dots.
Annotate Select additional information to display in the chart.