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Bullseye Chart

A bullseye chart is a visualization that you can use track the progress of each project in a portfolio. Each project is represented by a dot in the chart. The rings in the chart can be the stages of progression, and the each arc can be a category that the project belongs to.

The visibility of projects in the chart is controlled by the project list under the chart. Only projects visible in the list are visible in the chart. 

Chart Control Description
Rings Selects a field to define the rings in the chart
Arcs Selects a field to define arcs in the chart
Labels Selects a field to label the dots.
Color Selects a field to split the dots.

Selects a shape for the dots.

Name Toggles the label on and off.
Lock Locks the chart into a perfect circle shape.
Circles Applies color to create contrast between the rings.
Wedges Applies color to create contrast between the wedges.
Resize Arcs Resizes the wedges proportionally to the number of dots in each wedge.