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Brick Chart

Brick charts are a type of visualization that gives you insight into your portfolio with different groupings. Each project in the portfolio is represented by a brick in the chart and the bricks are automatically sorted into groups that are defined by the options you select in the chart.

The visibility of projects in the chart is controlled by the project list under the chart. Only projects visible in the list are visible in the chart. 

Chart Control Description
Group Selects a field to define the columns in the chart.
Subgroup Selects a field to define subcolumns in the chart.
Color Selects a field to color the bricks.
Split By Selects a field to split the bricks. Bricks will appear either above or below the column headers.
Items Above

Defines which bricks appear above the column headers by selecting a value related to the field selected in the Split By control.

Labels Select which values appear on the brick. You can select up to six labels for each bricks.