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Planview Customer Success Center

Building Filter Rules

When you are configuring things such as portfolios or group permissions, you may need to filter large sets of data to make relevant selections. In these cases, Planview Advisor has a filter that allows you to build rules to show you only the data that match the rule. This filter appears in multiple pages in the system and the basic functionality of the filter is the same across the entire system.

The filter generally has the following components:

  • Three tabs: An entity type such as a project, Attribute, and entity type to copy from, such as a portfolio.
  • A drop down selector that changes values to match the selected tab.
  • A selector for the rule's operator.
  • A section to display the each rule and the number of match for each rule.

When filtering on snapshots, an additional selector for snapshot type will appear.

To add rules for a filter in Planview Advisor:
  1. Select either the primary entity tab, Attribute, or to copy from a secondary entity.
  2. Select one or more items from drop down for that tab.
  3. Select a snapshot type, if applicable.
  4. Select an operator (Or, And, or Not)



    Your first rule must have an Or operator. Otherwise, no results will be returned.


  5. Click Add Rule.

The rule you created will be added to the page. The number of matches will be displayed on the rule. You will have the option to display the entire list of matching entities by clicking on the broken link icon.

To remove a rule from a filter:
  1. To remove an individual rule, click on the trash icon on the rule.
  2. To remove all rules, click on the trash icon above the list of existing rules.
  3. Click Save.