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Timeline Analysis

You can create timeline charts in your portfolios using the Project list table. These charts are useful for communicating timelines and milestones for projects in the portfolios. Timelines can include bars, symbols, and annotations.



While it is not strictly necessary to do so, here are some tips for getting the most from a timeline chart:

  • Before you begin adding timeline columns to the table, remove all other columns from the table. This willl clean up the presentation of the chart and you can re-add columns as needed.
  • Hide the Portfolio Dashboards in the upper-half of the Portfolio Summary page. You can do this by clicking on the currently open chart tab.


You can also watch a video tutorial on timeline charts here.

To create a timeline chart:
  1. Open the Field Chooser (three dots icon) in the upper-left corner of the Projects list table.
  2. Click the Timeline fields icon immediately to the right of the Date fields (calendar) icon to add the timeline fields to the list of fields. There are three kinds of timeline field:
    • Year - These fields only have the year in their label
    • Quarter - These fields are labeled with the year and the quarter, i.e., 2023 Q1
    • Month - These fields are labeled with the year and month, i.e., 2023 Sep
  3. Add the timeline fields you need to the table. See this article on the field chooser for all the different ways you can add a field to the table.
  4. In the field chooser, open the Chart Options panel by clicking the three stacked bars in the upper-right corner.
  5. At the bottom of the Chart Options panel, click + Bar.
  6. Enter a name for the timeline bar.
  7. Select a date field for the start date.
  8. Select a date field for the end date.
  9. (Optional) Give the bar up to three labels. Selecting *Bar Name will automatically label it using the name.
  10. (Optional) Choose to style the border using the start date source
  11. Assign a color to the bar. You can do this by selecting a field or by using the color selector.
  12. (Optional) Check “Transparent bar” for the border style to render.
  13. Repeat Steps 5 -12 for each bar you want to want to add to timeline chart.

The bars will appear in the chart along the timeline. The length of bar will represent the length of time between the start and end date. If you enable the Bar end date handling option, then bars with invalid or missing end dates will use the start date of the next bar as their end date.

To add milestones to the timeline chart:
  1. In the Chart Options panel of the Field Chooser, click + Symbol.
  2. Enter a Name for the milestone.
  3. Select a date field that the milestone represents.
  4. Select an shape under Symbol by.
  5. Assign a color for the milestone.
  6. Select an Annotation.
  7. Select a Bar parent.

The milestones will appear in the timeline chart.