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Converting Items to AgilePlace Cards



This functionality is available only for users with the Enterprise subscription type. 


You can convert an unlinked roadmap item to a card on an AgilePlace board. When you convert an item, you select from the boards that you have permissions to add cards to, and specify the card type. There is also an option to add the custom item attributes to the card description.

The resulting card has the same name (title) and description as the item and is created in the default drop lane on the board.  A link to the card is added to the item in Roadmaps, and you can no longer edit its name, description, or standard attributes. You can edit the planned dates on the item, but the corresponding dates on the card are not changed in AgilePlace. 

If the planned dates are edited on the card in AgilePlace, you have the option in Roadmaps to update the planned dates for the item to match. Changes to the other attributes in AgilePlace are updated automatically in the Roadmaps item.

To convert an item to an AgilePlace card

  1. In Roadmaps, locate and select the item.
  2. In the details pane, click ellipsis_CC.png > Convert to AgilePlace card. The Convert roadmap item to AgilePlace card dialog appears.
  3. In the Destination board list, select or search for the board that you want to add the card to.
  4. In the Card type list, select the card type, if different from the default card type.
  5. To add the custom item attributes to the card description, select the Include roadmap custom attributes in the AgilePlace card description.