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Planview Customer Success Center

Projectplace Enablement and Adoption

Ensuring a Successful Roll-out

As the Projectplace owner/administrator, you have a key role in making sure your organization gets off to a great start. We encourage you to follow the steps in each phase below. Good thing getting started with Projectplace is easy! Setting up a user account only takes a couple of minutes, and users can start collaborating and working on tasks instantly. To make onboarding even smoother, we offer a variety of Enablement & Adoption resources for you and your team(s) to leverage. And, as always, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is here to support you on your FLEX journey, too. Follow the path below to get started.

FLEX Starter Kit

Check out our brand new FLEX Getting Started Kit! It's an hour long crash course that will walk you through:

  • Lesson 1: You Have FLEX, Now What?
  • Lesson 2: Get Started with Projectplace and LeanKit
  • Lesson 3: Get Your Team Members On Board

Launch the FLEX Starter Kit 

Introducing Projectplace



Is your Projectplace account currently a trial account? Reach out to your CSM to get your trial environment converted to production.


Provisioning New Users

The best way to get started is to provision new users, which grants your team members the proper access they need to do their jobs quickly and easily in Projectplace. There are three ways to create new users in Projectplace: 

  1. Account administrators can add new users to the account. You can invite up to 100 people at a time.
  2. Anyone with Read and Write permissions to the Members tool can invite a new user to a workspace.
  3. You can run the user integration from Planview Enterprise One™ – Portfolio and Resource Management to invite users to create an account in Projectplace.

All methods will generate and send an invitation email to the new users requesting that they register in Projectplace, which will then create new user accounts.

Your Adoption Journey

Next, you should follow the path outlined below, leveraging all the available resources to help enable your teams. After completing the workspace and user setup step, it's up to you to decide which tool you want to get started with first- just click the text of the step you'd like to complete to learn how to do it. Your CSM is here to support you along the way, so please contact them if you have any questions.

Workspace and User Setup

Owners and/or Account Administrators

Estimated time: 1-2 hours

1. Log in and find your way around Projectplace 2. Create your first workspace* 3. Assign a workspace administrator 4. Review workspace settings 5. Create member groupsdefine access rights for member groups, and invite members 6. Enable integrations

Get Started with the Plan/Roadmap

Owners and/or Account Administrators

Estimated time: 1 hour

Get Started with Boards

All Workspace Members

Estimated time: 1 hour

Get Started with Documents

All Workspace Members

Estimated time: 1 hour

*How you visualize and follow up on work progress depends on which planning method (project or roadmap) you selected when you created your workspace.
  1. Add activities and milestones to the project plan or add work packages, initiatives, and activities to the roadmap
  2. Optional: Connect plan activities to boards or connect roadmap activities to boards
  1. Create boards
  2. Customize your boards
  3. Create cards
  4. Work with cards
  5. Optional: Create card templates for repeatable tasks
  1. Download the documents app
  2. Add folders and documents
  3. Create document templates
  4. Optional: Set up document review templates

Integrating Planview Enterprise One and PPM Pro

All work in Projectplace can be integrated with your Planview Enterprise One and/or Planview PPM Pro™ instance to provide visibility and alignment. Check out these resources to learn more, and don't forget to reach out to your CSM to get the integration set up:

How You Can Use Projectplace: Training and Success

To make sure you and your teams realize value from Projectplace quickly, we recommend you take advantage of these self-learning resources. Be sure to share them with your fellow team members, and don't forget to opt-in to Planview customer email communications to receive more enablement resources. Click here and fill out the quick form!

We especially want to call out our free enablement webinars — they're a great way to get started for every new user.

These self-learning resources are available to all users:

How Others Use Projectplace: Case Studies

There are many different ways to use Projectplace, and we're here to help you explore all the possibilities, no matter how you work. Check out these customer case studies to get inspired!


Parkview Health Case Study

The combination of Planview PPM Pro™ and Planview Projectplace™ gives Parkview Health a consolidated event management platform, replacing manual efforts with automation and customized dashboards.

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Mentor Case Study

Insight into IT resource demand and capacity helps Mentor identify when resources are being over- or under-utilized. Now, IT has hard data to justify they are working on the right projects with the right resources.

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Fifth Third Bank Case Study

Fifth Third Bank chose Planview Projectplace™ as its single source of truth for all marketing work, improving visibility into work requests and resource capacity.

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Basware Case Study

In less than a year since its launch, Basware has used Planview Enterprise and Projectplace to successfully deliver 1,146 projects with 6,303 projects under way using the new management process.

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Leading Nationwide Medical Insurance Case Study

In order to transform from a support role to a corporate asset, this leading nationwide medical insurance company PMO focused on driving business value across the enterprise, instead of simply IT.

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Global Food Processing Case Study

Standardizing with Planview solutions while embracing various ways of working gives teams the flexibility to work how they want. Now, teams have the ability to collaborate using shared data to prioritize projects and resources as they meet changing business needs.

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How Others Use Projectplace: Use Cases

Feeling inspired? Check out these use case resources and guides to get more information about how to use Projectplace for your organization or team's specific needs:

Use cases thumbnail.JPG

Projectplace Use Cases Deck

To inspire and enable your transformation journey, check out this Projectplace use cases deck from Shlok Vaidya, our Director of Customer Operations and Marketing.

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Planview Using Planview Video.JPG

Planview Using Planview Video

Watch Planview's leadership discuss how they use Planview's solutions in different ways across the organization.

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Planview's Internal Use Cases thumbnail.JPG

Planview Internal Use Cases Deck

Want to know even more about how Planview uses our solutions? Check out this deck to see how we embody the transformation right here at Planview.

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Projectplace for HR Management Use Case Guide

Projectplace enables HR professionals to efficiently manage hiring and onboarding processes, so you can get new employees up and running quickly.

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Projectplace for Product Delivery Use Case Guide

Projectplace enables product delivery teams to plan their delivery schedules, break work into sprints, and prioritize tasks to deliver high-value products quickly.

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Project Teams Experience for the PMO

The Project Teams module of Enterprise One enables efficient management of work items, while giving teams the right capabilities to collaborate and get work done.

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Professional Services Offerings

Interested in getting help from our Professional Services team? The table below outlines the different Projectplace Services Packages and what is included in each.

  Free User Enablement Webinars Express Onboarding Process Consulting/Tailored training

Connected solution: Enterprise One - Projectplace

Connected solution: PPM Pro - Projectplace

1.5 - 2 hours 10 hours 4 hours
Account Administration Enablement As agreed

Process Consulting

  As agreed

Workspace Administration Enablement

As agreed

Member Enablement

As agreed

Time Tracking Enablement

  As agreed

Workspace Template Creation (x3)

    As agreed

Team (x3) Configuration


Configuration of PP Connector (PRM / PPMP)