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E1 Converged Authentication FAQ

Environment Has SSRS Capability User Management system of record  
New Customer On-Prem CTM Only No CTM  
New Customer E1 Hosted Yes PRM  
Upgrade from CTM on-prem to CTM on-prem No CTM  
Upgrade from CTM on-prem to E1 hosted Yes PRM  
Upgrade from CTM-only hosted to CTM-only hosted (IS THIS A THING?) No CTM  
Upgrade from E1 converged to E1 converged Yes PRM  

Documentation Considerations

  • How would a user/admin/report builder know if they are hosted E1 or not? URL says PVCLOUD?
  • Will existing CTM 15 & 16 customers have any issues continuing to use SSRS?
  • What happens to existing SSRS tiles/reports for current customers using SSRS that migrate to an environment that cannot use SSRS? 


Install Guide Changes

SSRS Chapter:

  • Setting up SQL Server will be removed since SSRS is hosted only
  • Deploying custom Troux authentication module will be removed
  • SSRS configuration settings will be moved to CSC-only. 
  • These changes effectively remove the SSRS chapter from the Install Guide

Upgrade Chapter:

  • Explain changes to SSRS capability and link to FAQ if we have one


SSRS Help Changes

  • Old privileges are swapped out for PRM features
  • Login to report server uses PRM auth code as password
  • Login cert wherever mentioned is E1 Session Cookie ID *not* oauth ID
  • Folder structure changes
  • Verbiage to indicate SSRS capability is not availble to CTM-only environments (How can they tell?)


User Management help changes

  • In user management topics, note that users are managed in PRM for converged E1 environments and link to PRM user management help articles
  • Retain all the normal user management help for CTM-ony deployments
  • Note that assigning users to Troux Groups for authorization purposes is still required