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Planview Customer Success Center

Planview Product Update

Planview is proud to announce enhancements in our products and services that will improve our offerings, delivery, and customer experience.


As we continue to pursue our mission to Build the Future of Connected Work, we are consolidating all of our products and services onto a consistent platform – AWS. As a result, we will be migrating those of our products and services that are not currently hosted at an AWS facility for our European customers over to the AWS data center in Frankfurt, Germany. We are excited to leverage the capabilities of AWS as the global market leader in the Infrastructure as a Service space. This move will improve our ability to deliver new features and functions throughout the entire Planview portfolio of products, aligned with improved security measures. AWS has built world-class, highly secure infrastructure, both physically and virtually.  Moving to AWS reflects Planview’s continued investment in security, scalability, and availability.  

New names

Planview has also recently implemented changes to make it as easy as possible for our customers to navigate, find, and understand the breadth of our offerings by moving to a more descriptive naming structure (read our blog post for information of our new product names). 

Third parties and data transfers

During the second half of 2022, we focused on provisioning more robust services that better adapt to suit our customers’ expectations and needs. We invested in strengthening the security levels of our products by applying consistent controls across our different software solutions and consolidated our sub-processors. Additionally, Planview is now able to reduce the volume of international data transfers associated with the use of our products and services by implementing a combination of measures, such as performing data anonymization, reducing third-party engagements, and providing more adaptable data localization for our customers’ data. 


For more efficient communication with our customers, we are thrilled to announce a change to the sub-processor change notification process. Going forward, in addition to the notifications on our status website, which can be subscribed to by anyone in your organization, Planview will also send targeted notifications to account owners within our products. We strongly believe this change will ensure a more transparent and direct communication between Planview and the key users of our products.

For more detailed information, please review Planview’s sub-processor webpage, or, if you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us at