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RPM Dashboard STR103 - Strategic Planning & Analysis Detail



The Strategic Planning and Analysis dashboard empowers strategic and program managers to quickly assess their strategic plans against targets and across key factors.

Managers can immediately visualize whether the latest plans meet revenue, cost and margin targets. They can analyze cost and revenue breakdowns by missions and objectives, geographic regions, and markets. Evaluating performance against targets, incoming pipeline by region, and return by market, managers adjust their plans to deliver a balanced portfolio across their strategies.

This dashboard can be used on either a strategy or planning portfolio ribbon.
When used on the planning portfolio, the planning portfolio definition MUST be based on strategy

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Business Outcomes Supporting Capabilities
  • Make portfolio adjustments based on project performance and priority
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Planning


Business Rules

When run against a strategy portfolio, data will be classified as "Approved" if it is "Accepted" or "Conditional" - everything else will appear as "Unapproved"

When run against a planning portfolio, only data that is above the line will be included. So that data will be classified as "Accepted" or "Conditional" (replacing, respectively, "Approved" and "Unapproved").

The "Revenue by Status" widget will now reflect these new classifications in the planning portfolio.  It will be based on the the customer selection for the Investment Approval (OpCapAppr) SequenceID values of WBS27$ACTP and WBS27$COND (in the case these values are renamed).


Key Financial Performance Indicator Fuel Gauges

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The Fuel Gauge Indicators highlight the performance of the strategic portfolio using data from the Financial plan.

The financial gauge is time limited, based on report start/end parameters.

The data displayed will respect the current driller selection of the tree map.


Portfolio Hierarchy Tree Map

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This Portfolio tree map is based on the strategic hierarchy in the strategy breakdown structure.

The color and size of the boxes allow analysis of further dimensions, showing Revenue and Cost
  • Size = Cost
  • Color Gradation = Revenue
  • The text provides the name of the strategy/mission/program etc. within the structure
The larger boxes are aggregating data from the leaf level demand program entities.

The tree map is Interactive, simply click on the relevant box to filter the data by that strategy/mission/program in the structure throughout the report, impacting all other charts.


Revenue by Region

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This Revenue by Region Chart takes financial data from the demands (programs) financial plan where the account type revenue has Region as a line attribute.

The chart visualizes the spread of this regional financial data on to an image map which can be customized to the appropriate scale and location 

The numerical values shows regional Target vs. demands data

The Regions map is Interactive, simply click on the relevant region to filter the data throughout the report, impacting all other charts.


Time Phased Analysis

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The Time Phased Analysis chart shows Revenue and Cost from the demand (program) level data in the financial plan by period.
  • Revenue = Data where account type equals Revenue
  • Cost = Data where account type equals Capital, Expense or Resource
  • Targets are derived from the high level target entities

The chart is Interactive, simply click on the relevant column to filter the data by that period throughout the report, impacting all other charts.

The periods used in this chart are driven by the 'Aggregate Financials by' user parameter.


Attribute Analysis

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This attribute for analysis chart shows revenue and target financial data sliced by an attribute.

The 'Attribute for Analysis' user parameter is used to determine the selection for the slicing attribute.

The chart is Interactive, simply click on the relevant column to filter the data by that attribute throughout the report, impacting all other charts.


Investment Status Analysis

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The Revenue by Status analysis chart provides a breakdown of revenue by investment status approval for each region. 

Group Investment Status values:
  • Unapproved = Investment Statuses of Pending, Analyze and Resubmit
  • Approved = Investment Statuses of Accepted and Conditional
  • The report will excluded Rejected Investments


Report User Parameters

The Report should execute with default User Parameters values configured by the administrator.

To change a default value, select the 'Show Parameters'  Show Parameters Icon.png  icon which will display the report User Parameters and simply select a new value from the drop down list.

Click View Report to re-run the report with the new selection.
Parameters Description
Currency This parameter sets the display currency for the report.

It is only possible to change currencies in a multi-currency environment.

The parameter defaults to the users currency in Financial preferences.
Aggregate Financials By: This parameter determines the period of time that financial and effort information will be broken down by in the report

Possible values are:
  • Fiscal Month: month (default)
  • Fiscal Quarter: quarter
  • Fiscal Year: year
Analytic allows selection of two FM versions that are used for calculations.

Parameter can be adjusted to compare different versions.
Target FM Version: Analytic allows selection of two FM versions that are used for calculations.

Defaults to versions marked as forecast and marked as baseline. Can be adjusted to compare to (for example) compare to a different baseline. 
Attribute for Analysis: This parameter defines the attribute that is used for the Time phased Analysis visualization (bottom middle)