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AgilePlace Use Cases and Best Practices


Find Inspiration from Use Cases and Best Practices

Wondering how your organization best can leverage AgilePlace? You have come to the right place. Here you will find use cases, best practices and user testimonials that will show you that the possibilities with AgilePlace are close to endless. If you want to discuss which use case(s) that will provide most value to your organization, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Representative.

Introducing AgilePlace

This short video provides an introduction to AgilePlace. With AgilePlace you can visually process work items using Kanban, allowing for a greater focus on your work and cross-team collaboration. Duration: 4 minutes.



How You Can Use AgilePlace: Quick Wins 

How can the Team Kanban module, powered by AgilePlace, help your organization meet specific organizational goals and get work done? The Quick Wins collection provides quick examples and links to details about the features that can take work to the next level.



How Others Use AgilePlace: Case Studies 

Curious to learn how others are using AgilePlace? Click these case studies, use cases, and guides and get inspired!

logo-case-study-insurance (1).png

Leading Nationwide Medical Insurance Company Case Study

For decades, this leading nationwide medical insurance company had a PMO operating structure that worked.  However, over time, the same processes, structured methodology, and strict governance that allowed little flexibility didn’t work anymore for the evolving organization.

Changing market demands required faster response and agility; it was time to transform or risk being disbanded.

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Nationwide Building Society Case Study

All companies are technology companies in the digital revolution, and Nationwide Building Society needed to respond to that challenge. Increasing competition in the financial sector, an uncertain economy, and evolving consumer behaviors all contributed to the Society recognizing the need to align business outcomes from top-level strategy to product delivery in an effort to fortify its sustainable flow of value.

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