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Reporting and Schema Learning Videos

This page provides important information about Planview Enterprise One Reporting and Schema learning videos.  

This page and the contents of the referenced "Schema Guide" Documents are Planview Confidential materials provided only to Planview customers. 

Please do not share this page with anyone else.

Important Prerequisites

Before you begin the Planview Enterprise One Reporting and Schema learning videos, you must complete the following items:

  • Ensure administrative and report design access to a Planview Enterprise One environment for the purpose of developing reports, testing reports, and developing shared datasets
  • Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder from Microsoft
  • Download the Database Schema Guide and supplemental guides (below) for your version of Planview Enterprise One Portfolio and Resource Management
  • Download the dataset queries. Depending on your operating system and settings you may need to unzip the downloaded file to access its contents. These files will be referenced during the e-learning, so please have them available during that time. Note that these queries will work with Planview Enterprise version 11 and later, including all releases of Planview Enterprise One.

Learning Videos

Self-paced Report Builder Video Series
1. Overview of Report Tiles 8. Add Report Parameters 15. Add Report Parameter to Respect Portfolio and Entity Selection from the Report Tile 22. Add Available Values to Report Parameters
2. Overview of Reporting Architecture 9. Create a Report Template with the Five Required Parameters 16. Build a Sub Report 23. Add Default Values to Report Parameters
3. Understanding Reporting Content Management 10. Display the Project List Report as a Report Tile 17. Add Conditional Formats 24. Organize the Display of Parameters
4. Create Training Subfolders 11. Add Report Parameter to Respect Portfolio Selection from the Report Tile 18. Add a Page Break 25. Additional Tip - Customize Worksheet Name
5. Create Shared Datasets 12. Build an Activity Level Report 19. Add a Document Map 26. Additional Tip - Exclude Report Data Regions on Export
6. Connect Report Builder to the Report Server 13. Add Report Parameter to Respect Work Entity Selection from the Report Tile 20. Display the Combined Report as a Report Tile 27. Additional Tip - Report Errors
7. Build a Project List Report 14. Display the Activity Level Report as a Report Tile 21. Add Report Parameters    


Self-paced Database Schema Video Series
1. Introduction 5. Work Attributes PLANNING_ENTITY Table 9. Work Attributes MULTI_ATTRIBUTE Table 13. Portfolio Tables
2. Structure Management STRUCTURE Table 6. Work Attributes Structure_Info Table 10. Resource and User Information 14. Baseline Tables
3. Structure Management Hierarchy Tables 7. Work Attributes Field_Info Table 11. Time Report Tables    
4. Structure Management Structure_Level Table 8. Work Attributes Project_Info Table 12. Effort Assignment Tables    

Database Schema Guide Documents

You will need the database schema documentation files for the version of Planview Enterprise One that you are using. Please click on the Database Schema Guide and the Database Schema Guide Supplement to download the documents for your version of Planview Enterprise One.

Planview Enterprise One, Release 17 and Greater

The database schema documentation is broken down into subsections and is web-based.