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Enterprise One Q&As from January 30 2020 Release Webinar

How do we get an invite to the campaigns? Invitations were sent out from Planview, however, anyone with a Customer Success Center login can access it.  It's easy to find!  You can search enhancement request or click here.
Have changes the release names from 18.1 etc to January Release etc... Yes, we have a new naming convention.  There was / is no 18.1.  The new naming convention is January 2020, February 2020, etc.
Any downtime for the change? Is that a 2 hour outage? Updates are applied in a 2 hour time frame.  It is a designated period. As we continue to iterate on our automation stance we will work to reduce actual downtime but for the time being this is a 2 hour window.
Can this be done with Jira and Projectplace (burndown charts & cards)? At this time, the data model is for LeanKit. Please reach out to if you'd like to discuss your use case for E1+Projectplace reporting. We're interested to hear your perspective as this not the first time we've heard this ask. 
We are scheduled to go r16.4 to r18.x starting Feb 28 with an anticipated Live date in Mid April. Which release should we be planning to land on? Feb release or April? You should be targeting April 2020.  The Upgrade Management Team (UMT) will help you.
Any chance we can move off of monthly and go to quarterly or bi-annual? We don't like the monthly schedule. That is disappointing. We understand that you may have concerns. A monthly cadence has been proven to be the most effective way for us to incrementally apply updates to you so that you remain on the most secure, current code base, as a SaaS provider of software.  The benefit of taking monthly updates outweighs the risks.  Actually, it reduces the risks to you and us.
How do on-prem customers get access to the Jan and Feb 2020 release You can download them and apply them the day it becomes available. Monthly updates are available for on prem customers to apply.  The installation instructions are available via the Release page
Almost one year ago I saw a presentation of Planview Roadmap, and was presented the Outcomes Roadmap, I mean the visual representation of the product roadmap. Do you have any news about it? Thanks Roadmapping is still on the roadmap.  It has not been scheduled for development yet.
Very interesting the automatic calculation of labor cost based on additional criteria. Is it possible to display the additional criteria on specific column on tasks information screen? Instead of the number of selected criteria... At this time, we do not have additional criteria as columns in the schedule.  There are some challenges with putting these values in columns due to the flexibility of the selection (i.e., criteria is generally a multi-select and based on any resource attribute).  Rather than have columns for each attribute, we have considered simply concatenating the additional criteria into a single column, but that is currently not slated.  
Once clients have moved to v18, do they still need to move to v2020 to get the automatic updates? Is it possible to opt out of the automatic updates? Once you move to release 18 your environment is in a state to be eligible for monthly updates. At this time we are not requiring monthly/auto updates for customers on release 18. We do recommend moving toward this approach as we will only be releasing new features, enhancements and bug fixes in a forward looking manner.
Will the link/URL fields still have the 50 character limitation? We still have a 50 character limit on names of Work, Strategies, and Outcomes. When adding URLs, the Link (URL) can up to 4k.
How does the mobile app work if we need VPN to login to E1? If you need to be on a VPN to access your Enterprise One site, then you will need to be connected to it in order to access the new mobile approval functionality.  The mobile functionality is technically a mobile optimized site, rather than an app.
Can strategy and work data be combined in Portfolio views for associated work-strategies? Yes – Strategy portfolio view can show the associated work to the parent strategy structure.
Is the sandbox separate from our 2 paid environments? And how can we test the updates/new features before our production environments are auto-updated? How early can we get access to it? How long can we test for? We assume 2 environments. 1 - Sandbox environment and 1 - Production environment.
Which version is the "base" to start with? V18? What is the difference between v18 and v2020.01.00? We are only supporting monthly updates from v18 and forward. Specifically right now we are applying January 2020 updates to customers opting in for monthly updates. The reasons relate to the automation deployment pipelines we are building which are intended for in place updates starting with v18. Please review the New Features and Release Notes for more information.
How can we test the updates/new features before our production environments are auto-updated? How early can we get access to it? How long can we test for? The assumption is Sandbox gets the update first, testing takes place in Sandbox then a week later Production gets that same update.
Can we refuse a particular release/update? Do we need to "accept/approve" each update every month? The only pausing to applying monthly updates would be in the event of critical issues found in sandbox testing waiting for fixes to be applied and verified. We have processes in place to triage issues found prior to pushing forward to production.
Can we request for a previous version to be reinstated if we find issues with the update? If so, what is the process and expected timeframe? We will be approaching issues discovered in a 'roll forward' manner vs roll back.
How many releases behind are we allowed to be before we must update? We recommend you take every monthly update.
How thorough is your regression testing? Specially on architecture/infrastructure updates? We have a thorough set of manual and automated test suites that each update goes through. Our testing strategy continues to evolve as automation capabilities and approaches mature.