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FLEX for Enterprise One and PPM Pro


Embrace New Ways of Working with FLEX for Enterprise One and PPM Pro


The world of work is changing. Teams across your company are practicing lean and agile ways of working. Others are using a collaborative approach to “get work done”. For some, traditional project methods continue to be best suited for their delivery requirements.

Many enterprises are encouraging a combination of work approaches to increase speed and the success rate of delivery. To support today's hybrid ways of working, PMO and EPMO leaders and executives need to give teams the right tools to deliver outcomes, while providing visibility across all the work.

As Planview Enterprise One™ and Planview PPM Pro™ customers, you can empower your teams with the right work experience and tool for the type of work being delivered - waterfall projects, iterative collaborative, Lean-Agile. This work can be tied back into the integrated strategy and portfolio plans, enabling stakeholder visibility and organizational alignment.

What is the value?

Video: The Changing World of Work

You are no longer tied to a “one-size-fits-all” process. Leverage FLEX to support hybrid ways of working and enable teams to deliver how they choose.

Organizations are in different stages of transformation when it comes to how teams want to work, deliver, and operate. With this increase in methodologies in work types comes greater efficiency and team morale, but it also creates problems, as work isn’t visible and can’t easily be tied back to the strategy.

FLEX provides teams the freedom to work how they deliver fastest. Empower your teams for delivery, adjust portfolio and capacity planning, gain visibility, track KPIs, and enable adaptive governance with FLEX. It’s time to modernize PPM’s capabilities, and with Planview as a partner, you can make this journey with confidence and gain the benefits of business agility, visibility and strategic alignment.

Next Steps

Ready to get onboard with FLEX?  Talk to your Customer Success Manager and they will get you up and running in no time. To help you and your organization’s FLEX journey, we have provided you a broad range of free enablement resources:

  • The FLEX Starter Kit is an interactive three-part training course where you and your team can learn about the benefits of Projectplace and LeanKit and get in-depth guides on using each solution.
  • Our FLEX Enablement and Adoption pages include an easy to follow adoption journey path, self-paced learning, case studies, and use cases.