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Embrace New Ways of Working with FLEX

The world of work is changing. Teams across your company are practicing lean and agile ways of working. Others are using a collaborative approach to get work done. For some, traditional project methods continue to be best suited for their delivery requirements. 

Many enterprises are encouraging a combination of work approaches to increase speed and the success rate of delivery. To support today's hybrid ways of working, PMO and EPMO leaders and executives need to give teams the right tools to deliver outcomes, while providing visibility across all the work. 

As Planview Enterprise One™ and Planview PPM Pro™ customers, you can empower your teams with the right work experience for the type of work being delivered - waterfall projects (PPM), iterative collaborative (Project Teams module), Lean-Agile (Team Kanban module). This work can be tied back into the integrated strategy and portfolio plans, enabling stakeholder visibility and organizational alignment.




What is the value?

Video: The Changing World of Work



You are no longer tied to a “one-size-fits-all” process. With FLEX you can support hybrid ways of working and enable teams to deliver how they choose, even as ways of working and priorities change. With this flexibility comes greater efficiency and team morale, without compromising strategic alignment and stakeholder visibility.  

It is time to modernize PPM’s capabilities, and with Planview as a partner, you can make this journey with confidence and gain the benefits of business agility.

What are our customers saying?

“With Planview’s collaborative work management and Lean-Agile delivery tools, we can offer tools that suit different styles, whether it’s agile, waterfall, or an approach unique to the client.” Kevin Keen, Project Manager, Corporate Project Office, CIBC Mellon


Parkview Health Case Study

“No more manual efforts, rescheduling or double-booking. PPM Pro and Projectplace have taken out the human factor, giving us a smoother process with fewer human errors.” – Cortney Webb, Surgical Simulation Specialist & Coordinator, Parkview Health

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Leading Nationwide Medical Insurance Company

“We realized that if we really wanted to drive value, we needed to pull back on governance and methodologies to understand what the teams need to do their jobs. Instead of saying, ‘you need to do this,’ we say, ‘what can we do to help you do things faster and better?’”– Senior Portfolio Technology and Consulting Manager, Leading Nationwide Medical Insurance Company


"Planview's flex licensing made it really easy and cost effective to try LeanKit to see if it would work in our environment. LeanKit is very easy to use. The boards can be customized to work with many different types of teams." Anonymous, Program and Portfolio Management  

How do you FLEX?

The best way to realize value from your FLEX modules quickly, is to start using the Project Teams and Team Kanban modules disconnected from Enterprise One or PPM Pro. Both modules are quick and easy to switch on and will give your teams instant access to capabilities that help them plan, manage and deliver work – no matter their work style.   

Start with a team, or a few teams, that manages the type of work that just needs to get done, or non-strategic projects that don’t require roll up of progress to your PPM solution. The team modules will provide your teams with the capabilities they need to be able to collaborate efficiently and deliver quickly.  


Evolve from disconnected into a connected solution. Click here to expand

As a next step, work can be connected with your Planview Enterprise One and/or Planview PPM Pro instance to provide visibility and alignment.






Why go Connected? Click here to expand

Benefits of connecting the work in Enterprise One with the Team Kanban module, powered by LeanKit 

  • Through Enterprise One

  • Work intake process can be structured and/or governed in E1 if needed.

  • Work can be classified and prioritized as needed for planning purposes and this can include custom attributes, scoring, workflow, governance, budgeting, capacity, demand, and utilization details.

  • When appropriate, the project or pieces of the work can be synced to LK for the team to plan and decompose as needed.

  • In LeanKit

  • Teams (especially agile teams) will be able to function at a high level, visualize their work, maintain autonomy, easily see historical trending information like flow, and speed/velocity on their team level board, hence can identify blockages, flow issues, and make process improvements to delivery faster and on strategy.

  • Team level progress will automatically roll up to the Enterprise One work for visibility and additional reporting as needed.


Benefits of connecting the work in Enterprise One with the Project Teams module, powered by Projectplace: Content coming soon!



Which is the right work experience for you?/How do you work? Click here to expand

Planview’s work management modules – Team Kanban powered by LeanKit and Project Teams powered by Projectplace – deliver the capabilities your team needs to plan, manage, and visualize the progress of their collaborative work.

Watch this short 2-minute video and use the table below to determine which work experience that will enable your team to deliver their best work. And remember, if work style or planning needs change in the future, you'll still have the other module to meet that need. If you need guidance, please contact your Account Representative or Customer Success Manager.

Replace product logos below with “Project Teams powered by Projectplace” and “Team Kanban powered by LeanKit” and remove link to adoption and enablement resources.


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