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Enterprise One Q&As - September 2022 Release Webinar

Question Answer
Will there be enhancements to the create new action item screen to manage which attributes to show? We don't have that immediately planned to address but we do understand the value of making changes to those attributes and consider it when prioritizing our roadmap
Cool, awesome to get the Table Updates! Will this also apply to "Schedule and Assignments"? Yes, we are planning to have bulk editing available in the Work and Assignment screen (across Schedule, Schedule and Assignmet, etc.). Once again, the timing of release for each screen may end up being a little different but our overall goal is to address as many tables as we can
Will we be getting the ability to Edit resource column sets? Our goal is for the bulk editing ability to be available on as many screens as possible -- the timing for each may be staggered depending when those screens are addressed in development
Is there a future release, that we need to plan in advance, that we will have to have Platform Admin implemented? If you would like to take advantage of OKRs in E1 PRM in October, you will need Planview Admin by the October Release. We will be adding other great shared platform service capabilities in the future that will also require Planview Admin and will highlight those as they arrive.
Will Spigit be added to Platform Administration? The NextGen Spigit product will leverage Planview Administration. This is scheduled to be available from late Q1 2023.
Will you be able to use PRM OKR module if you don't have PV Admin set up (ie: with the October release). No, the OKR option will not be available if PV admin is not registered.
How do we opt in to PV Admin prior to Oct? If you submit a customer support ticket requesting PV Admin, our support team will get you set up!
Does TeamTap replace Spigit? TeamTap is a feature or capability within Spigit. We will be offering both sets of capabilities (Spigit & TeamTap) inside of the NextGen Spigit application.
Is there a plan in the near future to upgrade the supported version of Power BI Desktop to a more up-to-date version? Hi Anna, so typically the PowerBI Report Server version is released independently of the E1 Monthly release and Microsoft has a 6-8 Month cadence for these releases. Their next release will be available by Mid/Late September which, once released, we will need to validate and test against our Reporting workflows and if no incompatibilities are found, we can start supporting it sometime in the next few months. We will definitely keep everyone posted via Monthly webinars about the progress on this.
What is the rough timelines for a full release of the sentiment analysis in Enterprise One? We don't have a firm target date yet, Jonathan. Our goal is for our Labs customers to try it out and give us feedback so that we can leanly evolve it and release when valuable and ready.
What is the update on APIs?  We were expecting news on the September release containing RO APIs Hi Fred, happy to connect on this. Labs release of the first REST API is scoped for Spetember & we will be reaching out to participating customers to enable access to that new labs API.
Hi there, are there no updates to report for ProjectPlace? Correct, no updates from Projectplace this month.
are the API documents available now? Documentation for the Read Work REST API that is moving into labs will be provided to labs participants as they opt in. The final, formal documentation for REST APIs will be publicly released on the CSC as the APIs are released in GA.