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Enterprise One Q&As - Q3 2022 Release Webinar

Question Answer
Is this for Outcome or only for Strategy For now it is for Strategy only.
When will the roadmap be available? We aim to have Roadmaps in a GA ready state in AgilePlace (LeanKit) early q1 2023.
hmmm... since we are product driven, I'm not sure how this would truly work for us If you're interested to have a discussion about this, feel free to reach out to set up a quick call!
Will roadmaps associate to Plans in CTM ? We plan to enable roadmaps to connect to entities in all Enterprise products, CTM included.
Will Roadmaps be connected/available to PPM Pro? At this time Roadmaps is focused on LeanKit and Enterprise One PRM for the current roadmap commitments. We will evaluate other options once we get those consumers to GA. Hope this helps!
When will this consistent look & feel also be applied to the Request Module in PRM? We are working on updating the different areas of PRM based on user activity and input from the UI/UX Inner Circle, and we have not yet gotten to that section in our priority list, so earliest in 2023.
Will the UX have accessibility factored in with regards to colour contrasts, working with screen readers etc We are actively working on enhancing accessibility across our products. We see this as a long-term journey and we will continue to have different levels of accessibility support in our products in the mid-to-long term future. If you are interested in hearing more or discussing, please feel free to reach out to us after this session!
Will bulk edit allow pasting in of multiple Risks/Issues/Changes? Not in the first iteration, but it is something that we would be considering in the spirit of having ways to more quickly and easily create CRIs.
Will bulk edit allow creation of multiple projects from a list (i.e. paste from Excel)? This is not in the current scope either - similar to the CRI question above it is something that we would be considering in the spirit of having ways to more quickly and easily create work.
Hello, there is a user grant to create work in E1 PRM, does the Team Initiated Work take this grant into account? Hi Laurent - the work is created under effectively an admin account since the initiation from Projectplace is sending the message to E1 to create. So there are no user grants in play here.
Can you create more PRM projects from one PP workspace? It is only possible to create one PRM project from one PP workspace.
For Planview Admin - is there a way to test this functionality of what users will see before we implement for all users? Hi Pam - yes by way of first adding your Sandbox environments. To be clear though - with the trimmed down onboarding steps covered here there are NO impacts to users. More than happy to discuss 1:1.
Under the theme of administration: is there any view toward creating tiered levels of administration? For example, we have an enterprise-wide administrator for our company of thousands of people. But as the director of a department of over 100 people, I would benefit from having administrator priviliges for just my department. Is this possible or are there any plans to make it possible? Hello Andrew - this is a familiar ask and should be what we eventually see in a more mature top down user management offering within Planview Administration. Have you joined the Top Down User Mgt inner circle? This would be great feedback/topics to bring to Jordan Nguyen who is primary PM for that offering.
When will Spigit be added to Planview Administration? At this time we do not have Spigit on the shorter term roadmap for adding on to Planview Administration. Stay tuned in this area as we continue to build out Planview Admin.
What is your contact? please contact me at:
Is there a plan to make PowerBI dashboards within E1 downloadable to PDF or PPT? Currently can only view within Planview. Hi Vanessa - as of now the Power BI infrastructure we use to provide the E1 embedded experience does not have this option available. Power BI desktop does support PDF export. PPTX export support is available when content is available within the service. Content that lives within the online PowerBI service is also available to be added to tiles in E1. Hope that helps!
Very interested in seeing what is behind the Portfolio Roadmap tab in the new Work Portfolio dashboard. Hi Carolyn - should be coming out and live in November E1 release but feel free to reach out to Mauricio Parra and myself if you'd like to get a sneak peak.
Can the whiteboards now be shared with people who do not have a Planview or Projectplace seat in the organization? In order to see a whiteboard the user has to be logged in to Projectplace so a license is required at this time. As this capability matures we will evaluate sharing and licensing requirements.
I have not joined the Top Down User Mgt inner circle but would be happy to join and provide my perspective as a mid-tier departmental administrator. Please send an email to Jordan Nguyen ( and he can get you on to the Top Down User Management inner circle.
Love the whiteboards in LeanKit!! Great!