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Enterprise Products Q&As - October 2022 Release Webinar

Enterprise Products (Portfolios, Enterprise Architecture, AgilePlace, ProjectPlace, and IdeaPlace/TeamTap) Q&A from the October 2022 Release Webinar:

Question Answer
When will the URLs change? We do not have any current plans to change the URLs at this point in time - we're focusing on the visual updates inside the products. Changing of the URLs might come a bit later but will be communicated well in advance in that case.
When will you have high quality logos and graphics we can use in our internal training materials? We need transparent logos. The new logos and graphics will be posted shortly on the CSC.
Is there logging of who made a change to an OKR? Yes, you will be able to track history of changes for an OKR.
Wont giving users PV Admin access allow them to do other admin related activities? End users will not need to interact with or log in to PV Admin and even if they were to navigate to that UI not all users will have administrative rights/privilege.
For Portfolios - when will the Request Space get the new screen editor? We're hoping to address the Requests configured screen editor soon but do not have it immediately on the roadmap.
The extra space in the screens and larger fonts require more screen scrolling. It's a waste of time. This is a tricky one. Some users absolutely appreciate a more condensed screen (guessing you are one of them!), but others benefit by a bit more space. We undertook this change as part of our common look and feel initiative across our products, to be more consistent, and also to help people with accessibility needs where more spacing helps.
The automatic edit (single-click) feature is causing more issues than it helps, it's too easy to change field names accidentally, causes screens to freeze unless you either refresh or add unwanted information, etc. This should be something we can turn off but we can't. Please submit any bugs you're finding through Customer Care -- we've been very active addressing any issues with this functionality and hope to make sure it is working well for everyone.
PV Admins enable this via global options and users would be able to access them and therefore don't need an PV Admin license? Correct - no additional/elevated license permissions needed here.
Love the option to copy a board to a template! Will the ability to copy card dependencies be included in the copy feature? This is not included at the moment.
Will the new font sizing in Portfolios impact the current grid sizes in a portfolio view? e.g. will the grids become larger to accommodate the increased font size or will just the font size change to fill more of the space in the grids Table rows heights were also increased in October, in addition to the font size being increased.
Still have lot of questions and confusions about Planview Admin. Do we have a place we can know more about this functionality? Hello - please reach out to Paul Jacobs and Jordan Nguyen to cover off your questions.
Still have lot of questions and confusions about Planview Admin. Do we have a place we can know more about this functionality? Conceptually however the only requirement is:
Still have lot of questions and confusions about Planview Admin. Do we have a place we can know more about this functionality? 1 - submit a case to care to create your organization and assign a primary admin.
How can I create a status report in enterprise one? We would recommend using one of the OOB reports (WRK14 is very popular) or use any of the PowerBI workflows to create a status report.
When will Roadmaps be available again for ProjectPlace? We are targeting towards the mid to later half of next year.
What is card automation? Card Automation allows Board Admins to configure certain triggers and actions that will automate common actions. For example, automatically move a parent card to a Done lane when all children cards have been completed
Who can I contact to get on the REST APIs IC? I registered and never received any invites If you’ve already registered, then you should be good to go. This is the second round for that Inner Circle, and invites will go out in the next couple weeks to kick that off. Participation in the first round is not required. I’m looking forward to seeing you in that Inner Circle!
Can you provide the link for registering for these?
When will the planning inner circle link be available for AgilePlace? It should be live now!
When will the planning inner circle link be available for AgilePlace? Here is the link:
When does the OKR Module come online? OKRs service is already available in AgilePlace, and will be available within Portfolios as of October 2022 release. 
Are the portfolios dashboards native or based off of PowerBi? They are based on PowerBI.
Any chance for admins to mass update values for different attributes in the background in Planview portfolios? Similar to the financial upload/download tool We don't have that specifically on the roadmap. New feature ideas can be submitted to our Enhancement Campaign at to be voted on by other customers as well to drive attention.
What is Planview Admin? Take a look at this page in the CSC and reach out to myself and Jordan Nguyen for more information as needed: 
Is Tableau compatible with Planview for reporting? Yes it is.
When will the release notes be available? Typically the day of or the day after GA, which is first Thursday of every month. 
How will PV Admin impact local SSO? SSO is an option to set up in Planview Admin but not required. You can keep it set up at the individual product level.
How will PV Admin impact local SSO? Please do reach out to myself and Jordan if you have more specific questions that we can help with.
Is multi-column sort coming to CTM? There are a few grid enhancements on the Enterprise Architecture (formerly CTM) roadmap like bulk edit, and we will consider multi-sort in that.