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Planview Customer Success Center

Product Portfolio Management Journey


Portfolio and Project Management

Start here if:

  • Your goal is to streamline your prioritization and planning process – simplifying your analysis of products and projects against criteria such as technical viability, financial impact, resource capacity, complexity, risk, and commercialization success to increase portfolio value.

Portfolio Optimization

Start here if:

  • Your goal is to consistently align and rank new or existing investments based on your organization's priorities, reallocate funds and capacity, and make accurate decisions on which products to enhance, continue, or sunset.

Process Automation
and Agility

Start here if:

  • Your goal is to gain project and portfolio visibility by tracking progress and assessing efficiency while supporting your team's working preferences.

  • Your goal is to shift from manual spreadsheets and documents routed via email to an automated system that serves up the next process step via a standardized template.

Innovation Culture

Start here if:

  • Your goal is to foster a culture of collaboration and ideation, allowing employees and customers to share challenges and opportunities with each other and select the best solutions to business and product challenges.​