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Planview Customer Success Center

Planview Training Services

Welcome to Planview Global Learning!


At Planview, customer success is our top priority. Whether you are just starting out, building on existing skills, or sharpening your product knowledge Planview Global Learning helps you build your proficiency so you can get the most out of your Planview product. Choose a traditional classroom experience, listen to the experts in online webinars, or take advantage of our free online learning. All our training options are objective-based and combine best practices with quality Planview software instruction. For information on scheduling private classes please contact your Planview representative or  Planview Global Learning directly.

Visit our Training Center pages linked below to view all available all learning opportunities by product, as well as review recommended Learning Paths by job function. 

Enterprise One Training Center PPM Pro Training Center Spigit Training Center LeanKit Training Center Projectplace Training Center

Training Services Offerings

Timely and relevant training is critical to your success. Planview takes an objective-based approach, ensuring that all training activities center on relevant processes, tasks, and output for each course participant. Below is a brief description of the Training Services offerings available to Planview customers. The Training Course Catalog for each product provides brief course descriptions, learning objectives, recommended audience, as well as prerequisites and delivery options.

Training Academy The free, self-paced online Planview Training Academy is part of Planview’s online Customer Success Center, and connects help documentation with videos into curated curricula. Customers are encouraged to visit the Training Academy before they take a class to learn foundational information. Then again, after classroom learning, they are directed back to the Training Academy to fill in gaps, dive deeper into subjects and more. 
Public Training Classes Planview offers many of their instructor-led courses in an open enrollment format. These classes are open to all users of a given product and provide hands-on activities in a sandbox environment. Public Training classes are offered year-round and you can register for them directly from the Planview Public Training page.
Webinars Planview offers customers access to a variety of free online webinars. These engaging, short-form presentations are available to all Planview customers, and are delivered to a large audience in an online platform. Participants are encouraged to participate by submitting questions, responding to polls and using other available interactive tools. You can register for webinars from the Planview Enablement Webinars page.
On-Site Classroom At your offices or ours, you get the benefits of classroom training led by certified Planview Training Consultants. Select classes from the course catalog, or work with your Planview Adoption and Training Manger to develop a training plan specific to your organization's needs. Planview Training Services provides digital training materials to each student attending these courses. 
Virtual Classroom When travel costs aren't in the budget, or you have very large or geographically dispersed groups, virtual classroom is a scalable, interactive platform on which to receive live course instruction. These courses deliver high quality product training through a web-based platform. These classes are delivered in half-day sessions, and are ideal for students to absorb and practice information in an interactive, web-based environment. Planview Training Services provides digital training materials to each student attending these courses.
FastLaunch Training Bundle Planview offers an accelerated approach to launching a customer’s program to their end users. This prescriptive approach will ramp-up the most end users in the shortest amount of time. This pre-packaged training program includes a dedicated Adoption and Training Manager to support and guide you through your training options. Also included are on-site instructor-led courses, open enrollment classes for administration and reporting, and access to the Planview Training Academy
Advanced Training Programs For customers who need training beyond the standard offerings, Planview offers a variety of advanced programs designed to develop in-house Planview Super Users, as well as Planview Trained Instructors. These programs consist of participation in a rigorous training process where customers can utilize internal resources to reduce overall training costs and facilitate on-going mentoring services.
Comprehensive Training Materials Planview student training materials are provided as part of our Planview Training Services. Complete sets of student training materials are also available for purchase in electronic format; perfect for organizations that would like to modify and electronically distribute training materials.
Customized Training Offerings Planview recognizes that our customers have diverse requirements, and sometimes that means our standard training offerings may not fit all their needs. Customers may elect to leverage our extensive training materials library and have Planview customize these materials either as a replacement for, or in addition to, our standard training materials. Additionally, Planview offers recordings of customized training sessions, produced in our professional recording studio, for customers who need their custom training available on-demand to serve a rapidly changing user group. 


Learning Levels

Our classes and webinars are broken into levels designed to build upon each other and provide users with a comprehensive understanding of Planview. These levels appear on the class descriptions for each product.



Foundational (Level 0)

Introductory learning to familiarize user to basic screens and navigation in tool; most foundational training is available in the online Training Academy


Beginner (Level 1) 

Initial learning in a broad subject area, introduces concepts


Intermediate (Level 2)

Comprehensive learning with a moderate amount of detailed information


Advanced (Level 3)

Very technical learning with highly detailed topics



Release (Level All)

Information regarding product releases. Content may be any learning level.