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The Best of Clarizen One Enablement Recordings

Below you will find a number of demo recordings for Clarizen One. This article is intended to provide the SC team with some content around customer facing demos for Clarizen One in addition to some "how to" recordings on specific capabilities. 




Clarizen "Jam Session" Recordings

CZ Demo Gold Environment Walk Thru I
  • Confirmed access for everyone on team
  • Create a Request
  • Create a Project + Project Financials
  • Create Resource Request
  • Use Capacity Planning to Fulfill the Resource Request
CZ Demo Gold Environment Walk Thru II
  • Project Details Page
  • Related Items
  • Change Request
  • Custom Actions
  • Status Reports with PPT Publisher
  • A bit of Config
CZ Demo Gold Environment Walk Thru III
  • Danielle Directo - PSA User Walk thru from project engagement creation thru to bill summary report 
  • Learned how to fix the Panel URL links in the sandbox instances
CZ Demo Gold Environment Walk Thru IV
  • Added Requests
  • Add Project
  • Add Change Request
  • Add Issue
  • Tried Resourcing
  • Fix Panel Again
CZ Demo Gold Environment Walk Thru V
  • Spoke to the new DEMO GOLD infrastructure
  • Demo trick with changing profile & home icon
  • Spoke to personal logins to demo gold
  • Added PSA Project
  • Played around with the PSA Project Home Page
CZ Demo Gold Environment Walk Thru VI
  • Favorites
  • Project Request
  • Project Request Approval
  • Convert to Project 
  • Create Project
  • Resource Management / Staffing Request
  • Capacity Planning - Fulfill Staffing Request.

EU Version
CZ Demo Gold Environment Walk Thru VII EU Edition
- Worked with two new SC's on enablement
  • Navigation
  • Add Requests
  • Prioritize Requests
  • Add Project (from request)
  • Work with Gantt
CZ Demo Gold Environment Walk Thru VIII - EU Edition
  • Navigation Review
  • PSA Walkthru
  • Add PSA Project
  • Project Functions
  • Produce Bill Summary 
CZ Demo Gold Environment Walk Thru IX - US Edition
  • Talked thru Production Clones 01-12
  • Logged into assigned Production Clone
  • How to Change Logo
  • How to Change Panel Images
  • Slide Publisher - How to and Change
CZ Demo Gold Environment Walk Thru X - EU Edition
  • Talked thru PSA Demo Flow

  • Logo, Panel Pic

  • Slide published prior to demo to client

  • Walked thru flow





Druk - Hood Jam Sessions

DD walk thru with BH - Session I
  • Create Objects
  • Custom Actions
  • Favorites
  • Reports
  • Portfolios Views Changing
  • Programs Views
  • Program Rick Summary Report
  • Clarizen data model
DD walk thru with BH - Session II
  • PSA Use Case 
  • Add PSA Project
  • Staff project
  • Bill Rates & Cost rates
  • Enter Time
  • Create Bill Summary for Finance / Invoice Process
  • Staffing Request
  • Capacity Planning for Staffing Fulfillment




Configuration for Demos - Add Fields, Layouts, Custom Action, Templates  

  • From Client get project intake form, and product schedule sample.


  • Add Custom Fields, and Lists
  • Property Card Layouts
  • Create Custom Actions
  • Project Templates
  • The USA version of the above recording and shows:
  • Add Custom Fields, and Lists
  • Property Card Layouts
  • Create Custom Actions
  • Project Templates
  • Update Template ID on Custom Action at (36:30 mark).




Goal Management Jam Session

Goal Management:

Summer GA Refresher

  • Click Me to watch the Goal Management Presentation delivered by Graham Bulpitt - Passcode: wQ0#6Mkl





SC Only Goal Management Jam Session





Additional Details Provided by Products



  • Example “Generate Monthly Plan for Targets” Custom Action and Configuration 
    • Cab File found here on OneDrive

Previous Familiarization Presentation and Recording






Funding Management

Click Me to Watch the Funding Mgmt. Familiarization workshop delivered by products. Passcode: .wa0MW.t or click the video below




PSA Use Case - Bill Type Configuration & Rules



  • SC Team Review the Bill Type rules and functionality in Clarizen One for the PSA use case.




  • SC Tech for Clarizen (aka Ricky) put together a great document that walks thru and explains on the Bill Type setting drives how the Bill Summary is generated.




Clarizen One Reporting Jam Session

  • Ricky walked thru Reporting in Clarizen One for the SC Team





Clarizen One Jam Sessions for the Heritage Planview Solution Consultant

Episode I
  • Overview of CZ Demo Architecture
  • Confirmed Everyone's Access
  • Profiles
  • Navigation
  • Requests and Approve Requests
Episode II
  • Confirm Access
  • Convert Request to Project
  • Deep Dive into Projects
    • Work Plan
    • Financial Planning
    • Resource Planning
Episode III
  • Project Resource Planning Recap
  • Capacity Planning
  • Portfolios - Roadmaps
  • Optimizer - NOT BASE
  • Start Publisher 
Episode IV
  • PSA Use Case
  • Add PSA Project
  • Project Homepage
  • Enter Time
  • Produce Bill Summary
Episode V
  • Clarizen Slide Publisher
Episode VI
  • Level 1 Customizations
  • Add Field
  • Add List
  • Add to Project Properties Card
  • Change Logo
  • Change Org Name
  • Update Panel Page Picture
Episode VII
  • Creating a Custom Action




Clarizen One - "How To" Recordings

Here is a number of "How-to" recordings for Clarizen One. Please note that you will need to register for each video recording by providing your first name, last name and email address.
Configuration 101 Admin Webinar
Capacity Planning Workshop for Admins
Financial Planning Workshop
Enhanced UI: My Work and Roadmapping
Project Versions and Baselining Best Practices
Interact - Clarizen's Automated Email Engine
Reporting 101
Get Creative with Custom Objects



The focus on this section is to provide SC's with some demo flows and different use cases that can be used with ClarizenOne Demo Gold. Please see SCTech if you have use case specific needs.



Clarizen One - Project Delivery Driven PSA Demo

The is a PSA light demo where the use case is project delivery based Services Automation. Financials are less important and the driver or business issue is to improve project delivery of services engagements.  


Get Clarizen Slide Publisher Template Uploaded

  • This is a PPT template that you can connect to your Clarizen production clone and show the Clarizen Slide Publisher capability. Update logo and Color scheme to match customer you will be demoing.



  • Create client specific one with their logo on the template and upload the template into  File Templates for use during demo.




8-18-2021 5-29-26 PM.png

Logo Change



  • Via Settings. Update Logo in your Clone to represent the customer that you are demoing.
8-18-2021 5-32-37 PM.png

A Few Hours Before the Demo

  • Use the Slide Publisher Feature for a Project that you will be demoing and email it to the particpants of the demo that are in the invite. 
  • Please test before you send email.
  • Here is the text of the email that you can use.

My name is Ben Hood and I am the Solution Consultant at Planview. I will be leading the Planview Clarizen demo today to the <CUSTOMER Name> team, and this email is delivering a PowerPoint Presentation file produced with the Clarizen PowerPoint Slide Publisher capability. This capability allows you to build reporting content in PowerPoint and automate the production of the PPT slides. 

What you see is the end result, in this case a project status PowerPoint report that you could send to your customers for implementation engagements of the NextGate solutions. On the the demo, I will show you how this is created and how you can work with the Clarizen PowerPoint Publisher, in addition to much, much more.

Look forward to meeting you this afternoon.










8-18-2021 5-34-57 PM.png

What to Demo?

  • The demo flow shows Clarizen by Persona/Profile. 1) Executive, 2) Manager (Portfolio, Project, Resource), 3) Team member and 4) Customer are the personas or profiles you would demo. Below is a bullet script of functions that I followed, in addition to the video to the right which provides you a recording of the demo.










  • The presentation to the right just contains the two slides that an SC may use to jump into Clarizen. 1) Marketitecture of Clarizen and 2) What I will be Showing You. 







To the right is a bullet script of functions that I followed:


Executive User - Executive Profile


Manager - Project Manager/Resource Manager - PSA Profile

  • Work - Opportunity Pipeline View
  • All Active PS Project View
  • NextGate Professional Services Project
  • Project Home Page
  • Slide Publisher + Show in PowerPoint
  • Work Plan View - Enter time … mark as
  • Resource Planning View -  mark as request….
  • Financial Planning View - Bill Summary Report
  • Capacity Planning View - Associate. Alice


Team member Profile

  • My Work --> Mark as complete
  • Tasks - This Week
    • Mark as Active
    • Report Time
    • Mark as complete


Customer Profile

  • Social
  • Tasks - mark as Active, complete



Alternative PSA Demo Flows for Demo Gold
PSA Use Case Instructions on Demo Gold

Note: Use this with your DemoGold login of cz.firstinitialLastNameCLONE# - Example: cz.bhood07


If you are having trouble access the presentation above here is the link for OneDrive






Clarizen One - PSA Project Delivery Demo to Cogito & XPO Transport

  • PSA Project Delivery focused demo to Cogito (software company)
  • The prep outlined in previous section was complete
  • Demo Script is in section above
  • Also demoed the SFDC integration. 
  • PSA Focused Project Delivery & Resource Management Demo
  • XPO Transport Logistics is Prospect 



Clarizen One - Project Delivery Driven PMO Demo

  • PMO Demo Walk thru in and out of character.
  • Jon May & Ben Hood

  • Alternative Demo Flow for PMO Demo
PMO Use Case Instructions on Demo Gold

Note: Use this with your DemoGold login of cz.firstinitialLastNameCLONE# - Example: cz.bhood07


If you are having trouble access the presentation above here is the link for OneDrive





Clarizen One Construction Use Case Walkthru

Construction Use Case Walk thru Part I
  • This is NOT in DemoGOLD. Get with SCTech if you need access 
  • For logins to Construction/Real Estate use case please see this Card on the SCDEMO Systems Board
  • Use case shows Clarizen for capital construction process, manages financials and the bid, bid submission process
Clarizen Construction Use Case Walk thru Part II - The Build
  • This recording reviews the Clarizen One to Procure
Construction Capital Planning Amazon Demo




Revenue Recognition in Clarizen

  • In this mini-webinar, we walk through Clarizen's standard revenue forecasting and recognition features, including Fixed Price, Fixed Price Milestone, Time and materials and Mixed mode. We will also share a custom method we setup for our customers who need to manually configure







Clarizen DemoGold Operational Integrations

This section contains videos of all the available integrations on Clarizen DemoGold. These integrations can be utilized by Solution Consultants at anytime but simply accessing Clarizen DemoGold, and accessing the respective integrated product. Currently we have setup: 
  • Clarizen <> SFDC
  • Clarizen <> Jira
  • Clarizen <> ZiFlow.
  • Clarizen <> NetSuite
  • Clairzen <> ADO.
The purpose of setting up these integrations on DemoGold is so the Solution Consultants can show these on demand for the client during your sales opportunities demos. 




Overview of SC ToDo Before Customer Demo


Login Credentials for SFDC, ZiFlow and Jira found in Internal LeanKit on the SCDEMO Site Tracking Board in the PLANVIEW MIDMARKET, MODERN PPM & SA SITE INFO --> Clarizen lane.


Clarizen One <> Salesforce
  • SFDC Opportunity created Clarizen Project


Clarizen One <> Jira
  • Clarizen WBS Milestone (aka Epic) syncs to Jira, User Story breakdown in Jira flows back to Work Plan in Clarizen


Clarizen One <> ZiFlow
  • Marketing Proofing Use Case. Project document in Clarizen is send to ZiFlow for proofing and approval. 


Clarizen One Integration Script Document


This Document on OneDrive contains the script for each of the three integrations above (Jira, ZiFlow and SFDC) that are in DemoGold Production

Clarizen One <> NetSuite Before Demo
  • SC's check this short recording for understanding what to do before you show the Clarizen <> NetSuite integration 
Clarizen One <> NetSuite Script Document
This Document on OneDrive contains the script for Clarizen One <> Netsuite that are in DemoGold Production
Clarizen One <> NetSuite
  • PSA Use Case. Bill Summary or Pro Forma is sent from Clarizen One to NetSuite to create and invoice and journal entry. 


Clarizen One <> ADO Before Demo
  • SC's check this short recording for understanding what to do before you show the Clarizen <> ADO integration
Clarizen One <> ADO
  • Agile Use Case. Features are created from Clarizen One to ADO, where Agile teams break features down into User Stories and send them back to Clarizen One.  





Clarizen Sandbox Clone Demo Infrastructure 

  • Clarizen Solution Owners outline the new demo instrastructure that allows SC's to clone environments for client specific demos.
  • This will be rolled out in EMEA first and than deployed in USA in mid-Dec 2021