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FastTrack Analytics in Enterprise One

Course Description

This course will introduce the concepts of FastTrack Analytics report and will explore the FastTrack Analytics Catalog. In the first segment of the course, participants will learn how to configure the out of the box FastTrack Analytics reports to meet the reporting needs of the organization. This will include adjusting the attributes displayed in analytics and reports, managing report parameters and modifying the look and feel of reports. The course will also teach how to expand the reporting Framework to include additional attributes and to create new persona reports based on the FastTrack Analytics. The second course segment will explore the FastTrack Analytics Catalog, focusing on different reporting data themes.

This is not a hands on class, nor a report writing class and all actions are executed from within the Planview Enterprise/Enterprise One - Portfolio and Resource Management (PRM) Application.

Course Information

Audience: PRM Administrators

Objective:  At the conclusion of this course, the participants will be able to

  • Configure the FastTrack Analytics reports, controlling report data points, report parameters and report look and feel
  • Create new reports using Persona capability, which allows customers to extend the catalog with new reports tailored to their specific reporting needs
  • Enable additional attributes in the reporting Framework (Milestone and Attribute Dates and Lifecycle Step Analysis)
  • Understand the FastTrack Analytics Catalog and the scope of data from Planview Enterprise/Enterprise One which is available for display and analysis in the reports

Program level: Intermediate (Level 2)

Delivery method: Open Enrollment

Length: 4 classroom hours (2 hours per session)

Cost: $1000 

Get Ready

Before the class:

 The class is delivered using WebEx for audio communication and to facilitate screen sharing from the instructor. Audio connection is available through VoIP or phone dial in. Please be sure to test/install the WebEx application from the calendar invite prior to the start of the class.

 Participants should have a good understanding of different attribute types (alternate structures, fields, sub-total columns, and calculated columns) available in either the Planview Enterprise or Enterprise One - Portfolio and Resource Management application.

 Participants should be experienced in maintaining alternate structures and creating and maintaining the report tiles.

 Complete the Concepts and Navigation self-paced online course

 Complete the Analytics and Reporting self-paced online course


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Phone: 1-800-856-8600

Email: if you have any questions