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AgilePlace Training: Reporting and Analytics (Power BI)


Course Description

Reporting and Analytics (Power BI) training for Planview LeanKit is an immersive, interactive class that introduces the skills to configure the out-of-the-box reports to meet the reporting needs of the organization.

This one-day course provides an understanding of how to use LeanKit analytics to further examine and understand the work that’s flowing across your board, key ways to optimize your board and use analytics to help you measure and understand potential problems and improvement opportunities. This will allow you to take full advantage of LeanKit's out of the box reporting for summarizing LeanKit board data. 


Learning Objectives

At the end of this course students will learn how to:

  • Understand the types of reports available in LeanKit
  • Use analytics to measure and monitor the flow of value through boards
  • Understand the relationship between reports and board & card design
  • Understand how these relationships influence organizational insights
  • Provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with Power BI
  • Simplify raw data into a very easily understandable format with Tableau dashboards and worksheets



Planview LeanKit Reporting and Analytics (Power BI) Training Class.pdf


This class is ideal for agile teams who want to leverage LeanKit's analytic capabilities to help them measure process performance, understand waste or inefficiencies and identify bottlenecks.

Proficient product knowledge advised.


Program Level

Intermediate (Level 2)

Comprehensive class with a moderate amount of detailed information

1 day


  • Reports Overview
  • Optimize Board Analytics
  • Editing Board Layouts
  • Create Reports with Power BI
  • Deploy Power BI Reports
  • Tableau Dashboards


Class Duration: 1 Days On-site, or 2 Half-day Segments Virtual


  • Participants should be experienced in creating and maintaining boards in LeanKit

  • Understanding of Kanban Methodology  and Lean Agile principles

  • Participants should have some experience in report creation



*Pricing for the Public Training class is $1,000 per person. Classes are delivered in Austin and London. 

Register for Public Training classes here

Private on-site or virtual training is also available.

Please contact Planview Training Requests for a quote.