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AdaptiveWork Training Class: Intro to Configurations (Admin III)

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Course Description

Intro to Configurations training for Planview AdaptiveWork is an immersive, interactive class that teaches the skills necessary to build, modify and optimize performance in the Planview AdaptiveWork production environment.

This course will explore the Planview AdaptiveWork configuration engine and learn how to expand out-of-the-box functionality to support tailored workflows. Learn how to build actions and use business rules to automate your company’s various processes. This allow you to set up your organization's business processes and helps automate the flow of work from concept to completion. 

Planview AdaptiveWork Intro to Configurations (Admin III).pdf

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course students will learn how to:

  • Understand the Planview AdaptiveWork Data Model and how it influences configuration
  • Utilize the Planview AdaptiveWork Configuration Engine to drive Business Process Automation
  • Use best practices to optimize performance
  • Create and update Interact rules

Learning Level


Very technical class with highly detailed topics.

Expert product knowledge required.


This course is ideal for experienced administrators with a technical aptitude who will be responsible for managing the Planview AdaptiveWork production environment on behalf of their organization or business unit.


2 Half-day Segments Virtual


  • Configurable Elements
  • Data Model
  • Configuration Terminology
  • AdaptiveWork Functions
  • Configure a Process
  • Other Customer Fields


  • Complete the Full Administration in AdaptiveWork course
  • Experience writing excel formulas is a plus
  • Knowledge of current processes and operating performance requirements
  • Be an administrator for Planview AdaptiveWork


Pricing for Public Training is $1,000 per person

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Private on-site or virtual training is also available


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