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Planview Integration Assurance Service

About Integration Assurance

We understand that changes will inevitably happen in your business, which could impact the integrations we’ve built for you.

The Planview Integration Assurance Service is an annual subscription package that includes a bundle of service hours for changes to your Planview-built IaaS integrations, as well as coaching sessions from integration experts at Planview. 

Planview has over two decades of experience delivering custom integrations tailored to our customers’ specific needs and requirements.

Integration Assurance Scope

Our Global Integration Services (GIS) team will work closely with you to fully understand your desired business outcomes and integration requirements and provide coaching and mentorship to ensure the integrations deliver maximum value to your organization. Specific offerings included in this service are:

  • Hold a kickoff event at the beginning of year one, as well as an annual integration checkpoint event for multi-year agreements
  • Monthly check-ins for reviewing your progress and re-prioritizing deliverables
  • Business analysis and requirements definition
  • Integration development, internal QA testing, delivery, and UAT support for the requested changes

Coverage examples

  • Addition, change, or reduction of field mappings
  • Update and introduce new business logic
  • Enhancements of exception-handling logic
  • Change of target or source system connections

Benefits of Integration Assurance  

Better decision-making and business outcomes The value from your investment in Planview solutions comes from the information and insight that the solution provides. Drive decision-making by linking to external applications within your company’s ecosystem.
Customized imports and exports

Integrations are key to providing relevant insight and information. Having the ability to adjust your customized integrations is critical to delivering value​ through business outcomes.

Integration strategy alignment

Through annual checkpoints and monthly check-ins, we are able to gain a deep understanding of your specific challenges and requirements and guide you to optimum integration solution.

Timely response to changes

Your requests can be processed in an expedited manner as there is no need to prepare commercials. We get right to work for you.

More economical than piecemeal changes

As a package, your changes are charged at a discounted rate as compared to completing changes individually.

About Custom Integrations

The Planview Global Integration Services (GIS) team is a dedicated group of specially trained and highly experienced integration developers, QA, and support professionals. This team has been providing custom integrations to customers for over 20 years – it’s all we do.

Every year, hundreds of customers leverage our GIS services for connecting Planview products such as Portfolios, AdaptiveWork, PPM Pro, AgilePlace, IdeaPlace, and ProjectPlace with external systems. We have developed a solid methodology for delivering what our customer needs. This includes:

  • Form a partnership with you to design a custom integration solution that fits your specific needs
  • Employ our proven technology and framework to build it to the specifications
  • Perform rigorous testing prior to delivery

Our many integration solutions work with common applications in the marketplace:



Home Grown


Through our IaaS platform, we offer various technical approaches, such as API/web services, staging tables, and flat files for data transfer that best fits the customer's needs. 


Integration Assurance is priced based in your currency on an "hours per quarter" model. 

Get Started Today

Please reach out to your Planview Professional Services Managing Consultant, Customer Success Manager, or Account Executive to discuss purchasing this service.