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Reporting and Dashboards in PPM Pro


Course Description

This training provides Planview  PPM Pro report builders and administrators with the necessary instruction to create and work with reports and dashboards in PPM Pro. Attendees will be led through an overview of report types in PPM Pro, followed by a deep dive into building reports and dashboards.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the types of reports available in PPM Pro
  • Create and work with reports
  • Create and work with dashboards


This class is ideal for new users of PPM Pro who will be responsible for managing projects and resources. Some example roles are:

  • Report Builders
  • PPM Pro Administrators


Program Level

Intermediate (Level 2)

Comprehensive class with a moderate amount of detailed information

1 day


  1. Reports

    1. Creating and Changing Reports

    2. List Reports

    3. Crosstab List Reports

    4. Column Chart

    5. Gantt Chart

    6. Pie Chart

    7. Financial Entry Reports

    8. Request Reporting

    9. Calculated Fields

    10. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Trend Reports

  2. Dashboards

    1. Viewing Dashboards

    2. Creating and Changing Dashboards

    3. Publishing Dashboards

    4. KPI Trend Reports and Dashboards

    5. Linking Dashboards

    6. Administration

Class Duration: 1 Day On-site, or 2 Half-day Segments Virtual


  • Fundamental understanding of Project and Resource Management processes and methodology
  • Watch the Application Overview video



Open Enrollment training is $1,000 per person. Register for Open Enrollment classes here

Private, on-site or virtual training is also available. Please contact Planview Training Requests for a quote.