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General Administration in PPM Pro


Course Description

This training provides Planview PPM Pro administrators with the tools and information necessary to successfully support the Planview PPM Pro production environment. This course provides attendees with an overview of Planview PPM Pro administration and how to perform administrative activities.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Organizational Hierarchy​

  • Know how to create Permission Profiles​

  • Understand how to create and configure each of the main Entities for project management​

  • Know how to manage Organizational Calendars​

  • Understand how to manage and configure Timesheets​

  • Know how to manage Lookup Lists​

  • Know how to Import Data using Excel


This class is for users of PPM Pro who will be responsible for administering the PPM Pro application. Some example roles are:

  • PPM Pro Administrators


Program Level

Intermediate (Level 2)

Comprehensive class with a moderate amount of detailed information

2 days


  1. Organization Hierarchy
  2. Permission Profile
  3. Create and Manage Resources
  4. Create and Manage Divisions
  5. Create and Manage Departments
  6. Create and Manage Roles and Users
  7. Create and Manage Groups
  8. Offices/Regions Setup
    1. Organization Calendar
    2. Organization Resource Settings
  9. Timesheet Settings
    1. Timesheet Entry Options
    2. Time Management Options
    3. Timesheet Alerts
    4. Timesheet Approvals
  10. Create and Manage Lookup Lists
  11. PPM Pro and Projectplace Integration
  12. Entities
  13. Health Profiles
  14. Financial Entries
  15. Setting Up Financial Entries Entity
    1. Configuring Available Fields for Financial Entries
    2. Creating Categories for Financial Entries
    3. Creating Forecast/Actuals Details for Financial 
    4. Grid Columns for Financial Entries
    5. Searchable Fields for Financial Entries
    6. Setting Up Permissions for Financial Entries
  16. Requests
    1. Request Categories
    2. Mapping Request Fields
    3. Laying Out Grid Columns for Requests
    4. Designing Cards for Requests
    5. Kanban Board
    6. Cards
    7. Gates
    8. Request Permissions
  17. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Trend Fields
  18. Scoring
  19. Data Import

Class Duration: 2 Days On-site, or 4 Half-day Segments Virtual


  • Fundamental understanding of Project and Resource Management processes and methodology
  • Watch the Application Overview video



Open Enrollment training is $2,000 per person. Register for Open Enrollment classes here

Private, on-site or virtual training is also available. Please contact Planview Training Requests for a quote.