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Planview Customer Success Center


Loopio is here for the SC Team!!!
Solution Consultants are using Loopio to streamline the RFP response process. Being sponsored by sales operations and the security team, Loopio allows us to build a library of RFP questions and answers. This can then be used to automatically provide responses to common RFP questions received from new clients. 


How to use Loopio?

Video on how to use Loopio

Listen to the January 4, 2021 Global SC Team Meeting Recording (pw: SCDEMO1!). Loopio discussion starts at 29.29 mark and ends at 46.54 of the recording.

More Recordings are coming...

How to access assigned RFPs in Loopio?

Through single sign on from My Apps.


How to answer RFPs with Loopio?

  1. Provide information for any custom attribute(s) requested in the RFP.

  2. This icon indicates if the answer was matched by Loopio magic or by a manual library search.

  3. Modify/provide answer base on the question. Click on the answer to edit.

    3a. Clear the matched answer, and enter your own.
    3b. Search and replace the answer from the library. Modify as needed.

  4. Submit for review.

  5. Mark as Complete. A reviewer is required to be assigned, and in order to speed up the process, each SC will complete your own review by selecting "Mark as Complete".

  1. Check “Suggest changes for the Library” if there is no matched answer, the matched answer is incorrect or the matched .answer is not relevant to the question.

  2. Use Comment to communicate with the reviewer or reach out to either Philip Dai or Sean Emberley to reassign if the question is not related to product functionality. 

  3. Click to view unanswered questions in the List view.

  4. List view is the default view. Source view displays like a spreadsheet and has limited capability


How RFPs get into Loopio?

SalesOps – Philip Dai or Sean Emberley handles the following:

  1. Loads customer RFPs to Loopio.
  2. Runs the Loopio magic that will match answers in our library with the questions.
  3. Assigns all product functional questions to the Solution Consultant paired with the Account Executive.

What types of Loopio notifications will I get?

clipboard_e7c2c310a3013a64c817395122f3f0c9d.png     clipboard_e944b8d8a128210af610da73d99c01840.png
clipboard_e3c70571b1e81c0e743f8c8999d0ea2b4.png clipboard_e804b59dce17624f62c310902af25fc43.png



Loopio Crash Course

Crash Course Video on How to Use Loopio as an SC





Loopio Enablement Videos

Click Me.... to Open a PDF that contains all the videos below.

Click Me..... Import RFP Source Document. How do I import an RFP or Questionnaire. This step is typically done by

Click Me..... Running Magic on on RFP\Questionnaire. This step is typically done by 

Click Me..... Assign Questions to other RFP Team Members 

Click Me..... How to Answer Question from Library content

Click Me..... How to Export a Project. This step is typically done by 




Subject Matter Expert Presentation



Loopio + Planview Business Case Overview

Click Me... to review the Loopio Business Case in PDF form. From original sales cycle.



Planview Product SME Matrix



WHOs WHO for RFx_InfoSEC SME's
(Subject Matter Experts)


Click Me to Open File on OneDrive








OLDER ONE: The Experts for the Various Planview products can be found in the presentation to the right