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Planview Customer Community Presentations

Planview Customer Community Meeting Schedule

Join the community that shares announcements, Planview expert presentations, and customer-led best-practice sessions. To share your success story, best practice etc. with the community, email

Visit the Horizons  - The Planview Customer Conference page in the Customer Success Center for Horizons 2019 information and Horizons 2018 presentation materials!

2019 Planview Customer Community Meeting Presentations

2/7/2019: Planview Enterprise One Release 17 | View PDF | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation
1/10/2019: Expanding Work and Resource Management with Innovation Management | View PDF  | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation

2018 Planview Customer Community Meeting Presentations

8/21/2018: Making your Project Managers Happy with Action Items  | View PDF  | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation
7/17/2018: Exporting to Office Timeline from Planview Enterprise One  | View PDF  | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation
5/23/2018: Managing Resources in Planview Enterprise | View PDF  | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation
3/27/2018: Planview Enterprise and Microsoft Power BI | View PDF  | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation
2/15/2018: Progressing Engine, Friend or Foe? | View PDF  | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation
1/18/2018: Resilience Gremlins and Zombie Applications | View PDF  | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation

2017 Planview Customer Community Meeting Presentations

12/19/2017: Expanding Work and Resource Management into Lean and Agile DeliveryView PDF  | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation
12/12/2017 Meeting: Balancing Daily Support Demands with Strategic Vision | View PDF  | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation
11/09/2017: Planview Enterprise One | View PDF  | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation
10/25/2017: Fall 2017 - Product Preview | View PDFaudio-icon.jpg View Presentation
9/21/2017 Meeting: Tips for Success with Resource Management | View PDFaudio-icon.jpg View Presentation
8/23/2017 Meeting: Planview Training Academy and Team Member Plus | View PDFaudio-icon.jpg View Presentation
3/30/2017 Meeting: WRM Series: Q1 2017 Planview Customer Update | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation 
2/21/2017 Meeting: The Planview Integration Platform - Integration as a Service and SnapLogic | View PDF | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation 
1/12/2017 Meeting: Monitoring Project Portfolio Performance Against Quarterly Plan Using Investment and Capacity Planning | View PDF | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation

2016 Planview Customer Community Meeting Presentations

November 16-17, 2016: Horizons Europe 2016 presentation materials | Horizons  - The Planview Customer Conference
11/10/2016: Fall 2016 - Planview Enterprise 13, Troux 13, Projectplace, and Innotas | Planview Products Central
September 21-23, 2016: Horizons 2016 (Global and Europe conferences) presentation materials | Horizons  - The Planview Customer Conference
8/25/2016 Meeting: 5 Steps to Optimize Capacity and 2016 State of Resource Management and Capacity Planning Study | View PDFaudio-icon.jpg View Presentation
8/17/2016: Planview Customer Update: Planview + Innotas - Establishing the Work and Resource Management (WRM) Category | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation
6/7/2016: Special Presentation - Business Objects Transition and Analytics & Reporting in Planview | audio-icon.jpg View Presentation
5/31/2016: Spring 2016 Planview Enterprise 12 and Troux 12 product Release - Planview Products Central Overview
4/21/2016 Meeting: Focus On - Configurable Table Tiles | View PDFaudio-icon.jpg View the Presentation
3/24/2016 Meeting: Investment and Capacity Planning | View PDFaudio-icon.jpg View the Presentation
2/18/2016 Meeting: Change Management for Innovation | View PDF | audio-icon.jpg View the Presentation
1/28/2016 Meeting: Focus On - RPM Analytics | View PDF | audio-icon.jpg View the Presentation