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Planview Customer Success Center

Horizons 2019

    Learn. Grow. Inspire.


       Horizons Global 2019 - Austin, TX
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 Planview Product Leadership

video-icon-30.png Transform Strategy to Delivery in the Changing World of Work
Patrick Tickle, Chief Product Officer 


Conference Keynote

video-icon-30.png Innovation for Innovators
Stephen Shapiro, Innovation Instigator 


 Planview Customer Keynotes

video-icon-30.png Transforming RBS: From PPM Toward Scaled Agile Across the Enterprise
Stephen Marjot, Royal Bank of Scotland 

video-icon-30.png Blue Skies Ahead: BlueCross NC Reimagines Planning and Delivery to Drive Agility
Lilith Anderson, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina

Enterprise One - Portfolio and Resource Management Customer Presentations

video-icon-30.png Evolution to a Comprehensive Business Delivery Ecosystem
BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina - Dennis Jennersjo

 Empowering Stakeholders through Financial and Strategy Management
CIBC Mellon - Kevin Keen

video-icon-30.png Fun and Games with Portfolio Management and the Changing World of Work
Electronic Arts - Amanda Washington, Jayme Calabrese, Savannah Wampler

video-icon-30.png From "You Shall" to "How Can We Help?"
Excellus BCBS - Andrew Lacy

 Now That's How Sausage is Made! Four Groups, Multiple Goals, One Solution
Johnsonville Sausage - Brian Harlin, Amy Haese, Denise Nieland, MaryGrace Prohaska

video-icon-30.png Just Start with Rank: Technology and Civilization
Regions Bank - Tyler Stewart

 A Tale of Two Companies: Integrating Solutions to Deliver on Strategic Initiatives
Syneos Health - Laura Wilk

Analytics and Reporting Customer Presentations

 Becoming a Data-Centric Enterprise: A Transformation Journey
Procter & Gamble - Valeria Saetta

video-icon-30.png Our Reporting Adoption Journey, From Tactical to Strategic Outputs
Santander UK Technology - Sara Whitney

Spigit Customer Presentations

video-icon-30.png Advancing a World in Motion: Driving Culture with the Innovation Garage
Advance Auto Parts - Joan Sureshkumar

 Unleashing the Power of Collective Brilliance
Aristocrat - Roberto Coppola

 A Journey Through Innovation Culture
Cambia Health - Mohan Nair





Planview Product Management Presentations

- Embrace the Changing World of Work Track

Embrace the Changing World of Work: Leveraging Work Delivery Tools that Don't Suck
Zach McDowell, Alex Glabman and Leila Rosentrale

- Transform the PMO Track

Analytics and Reporting: Achieving Stakeholder Visibility
Paul Jacobs

Resource Management Across the Changing World of Work
Scott Townsend & Scott Pearson

- Costing Agile / Scaling Agile Track

Agile Costing with Automated Actuals
Carina Hatfield & Marcus Klein

Amplify and Expand Agile Team Success: Connecting Teams with Agile Scaler
Jon High, Norman Garrett and Zoe Vickers

- Capability and Technology Management Track

Reporting and Visualizations
Dominique Trimino & Nina Nickerson

Get Data Into and Out of CTM
Nina Nickerson








Planview Meet the Expert Presentations

- Strategy & Planning (Enterprise One) Track

Planning Best Practices
Dave Christensen

Financial Planning Explained
Scott Pearson

Taking the Right Shots - Choosing Where to Invest
Karen Anderson & Scott Pearson

- Enterprise One General Concepts

How to Create Buzz in the Organization: Planview is Coming!
Dana LeBlanc, Karen Anderson, & Amy Weeks

Satisfying all Stakeholders
Rick Judd & Kevin Williams

Connecting Enterprise One and Projectplace
Louise Cordice

- Enterprise One Reporting and Analytics

How to be Cool with Power BI
Natalia Musial & Kevin Williams

Getting the Most out of the FastTrack Analytics Catalog
Karen Anderson & Rob Hudson

- Capability and Technology Management/Enterprise Architecture Track

Leveraging the Connected Portfolios, Driving Enhanced Metrics to Improve Decision Making
Colin Cairns & Stephane Lemay

Right Sizing Decision Point in your Current Strategic Transformation Practice
Colin Cairns & Stephane Lemay

Maturing the Synergistic Practices of WRM
Colin Cairns & Stephane Lemay

- Spigit

9 Pillars for Successful Crowdsourcing: Part One
Doug Williams

9 Pillars for Successful Crowdsourcing: Part Two
Doug Williams

9 Pillars for Successful Crowdsourcing: Part Three
Doug Williams




Enterprise One - Capability and Technology Management Customer Presentations

 How Supercharging Agile and Collaborative EA Governance with CTM
MassMutual - John Anderson

PPM Pro Customer Presentations

 Delivering on Strategic Initiatives in the Wild, Wild East
Capital City Bank - Mark Newman

 Templatize Your PM Processes
MISUMI - Kent Lillig

 Prioritizing Project Investments with Strategic Work Intake
Parkview Health - Michael Havison

 Painting the Road to Adoption
Skyworks - Satya Jayadev & Dan Rolph

 Modernizing the Application Portfolio with Planview PPM Pro
Wake County Government - Kim Gibney

Change Agents - PPM Pro Customer Panel
Capital City Bank - Mark Newman

Parkview Health - Michael Havison
Skyworks - Satya Jayadev
Skyworks - Dan Rolph

LeanKit Customer Presentations

video-icon-30.png Taking Kanban and Lean Kit Beyond IT - Improving Transparency Across the Organization
BECU - Jannette Brace & Sheri Keller

 Aiding Our Patients Through Lean and Agile Delivery
Edwards Lifesciences - Jordan Nguyen

video-icon-30.png Making Work Visible with Planview: We're All in this Together (LeanKit and PPM Pro)
Emory Healthcare - Alexis Swann

 Disrupting the Transportation Ecosystem with Lean and Agile Delivery
Texas Guadaloop Project - Javier Bonilla & David Spitler





Planview Product Management Presentations

- Be a Savvy PMO with PPM Pro Track

PPM Pro Upcoming Features Deep Dive: Opportunities for your PMO, Savvy?
Sherrill Packebush

PPM Pro Automation and AI: Where do we go from here?
Sherrill Packebush

PPM Pro 2020 Roadmap Spigit Challenge
Sherrill Packebush & Jennifer Rose


- Make Better Business Solutions Track

Set Your Organization's Plans in Motion: Planning Deconstructed
Heather Westmoreland, Chriztine Kirk and Angie Sarmiento

The Role of the Enterprise Architect in a Lean Portfolio Management World
Dominique Trimino

Continuous Cloud:The Road to Automatic Updates
Paul Jacobs & Carina Hatfield

- Creating an Innovation Culture Track

What is Ideation and Crowdsourcing? And How They Can Transform Your Company?
Lucius Stone

Leveraging Spigit for Innovation Management Across the Enterprise
Gareth Bradley

Findings from the 2019 State of Crowdsourced Innovation
Virginia Lee Williams

Where Will Spigit Take Crowdsourcing Next?
Gareth Bradley



Planview Meet the Expert Presentations

- PPM Pro Track

Keeping Up with the Changing World of Demand
Steve Richards & Rob Gatch

Planview is Alive, Now What?
Dana LeBlanc & Norvita Robinson

Voyage Through Permissioning
Jordan Good & Paul Ewry

Analyze Performance with KPI Trend Reporting
Jordan Good & Paul Ewry

Moving Beyond the Traditional Portfolio Definition
Paul Ewry & Rob Gatch

Time Saving Tips & Tricks
Steve Richards & Rob Gatch

- Transforming the Enterprise Track

Collaboration for Better Delivery (Enterprise One)
Rick Judd & Scott Pearson

Costing for Agile Work
Marcus Klein & Carina Hatfield

Managing Hybrid Teams in an Evolving Organization (Enterprise One)
Scott Townsend & Rob Hudson

PPM Pro and LeanKit Connector
Jon High

What are we working on? And do we have capacity for more? (PPM Pro)
Steve Richards & Jordan Good

PPM Pro and Projectplace Connector
Jon High

Scaling Agile Across Your Organization
Jasper Sonnevelt & Marcus Klein

Connecting Enterprise One and LeanKit
Jon High

SAFe and Agile Roundtable
Jasper Sonnevelt & Marcus Klein

- Lean and Agile Concepts

SCRUM with LeanKit
Steve Norris & Alex Glabman

Improving Delivery with Kanban
Jasper Sonnevelt & Steve Norris

Agile Delivery and LeanKit
Steve Norris & Alex Glabman



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