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Planview Customer Success Center

Horizons 2020

    Rewiring Strategy to Delivery

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 Planview Product Leadership

video-icon-30.png Rewired for the Transformation Journey
Patrick Tickle, Chief Product Officer 

Conference Keynote

video-icon-30.png Mountains of the Mind
Bonita Norris, Adventurer, Author and Motivational Speaker

Enterprise One - Portfolio and Resource Management Customer Presentations

video-icon-30.png Adjusting the Sails: Successfully Delivering Against Organizational Disruption
Abbott Nutrition - Heather Davidson

video-icon-30.png Victories in Capital Excellence: Optimizing Decision-Making Across Investments
Corning - Heidi Pike

video-icon-30.png Driving Transparency, Harmony, and Delivery
Lonza - Greg Zarick

video-icon-30.png The Power of Actionable Data: Using Reporting & Analytics to Empower Stakeholders
Regions Bank - Tyler Stewart

FLEX - Enterprise One & Projectplace/Project Work Delivery Customer Presentations

video-icon-30.png Digital Work Transformation
DHL - Claire Howells and Shaun Winstanley

video-icon-30.png Drive Excellence and Innovation: Transforming Work and Collaboration in a Global Organization
Fresenius Medical Care - Jennifer Williams

Spigit Customer Presentations

video-icon-30.png New Normal: The Siemens UK Innovation Journey to Normalcy After A Pandemic
Siemens UK - Zoi Gioti and Mizan Rahman

video-icon-30.png Be Bold: Empowering Your Entire Organization to Drive Enterprise-Wide Change
TIAA - Matthew Wackerhagen

LeanKit Customer Presentations

video-icon-30.png Planview LeanKit: The Key to Transformation
NatWest - Kevin Meddeman and Paul Hickman

video-icon-30.png Journey Towards Agility: How T-Mobile is Optimizing Business Flow to Deliver More Value to Employees
T-Mobile - Kevin Beevers and LaToya Garcia



Planview Product Management Presentations

- Traditional PPM - E1 Track

video-icon-30.png AI vs RPA for Business Process Automation
Heather Westmoreland

video-icon-30.png Traditional Resource Management and Project Delivery [With/Without Projectplace]
Scott Townsend

video-icon-30.png The Latest in Enterprise One Reporting: Visualizing Metrics for Traditional, Planning and Agile
Paul Jacobs

- Modern PPM - E1 Track

video-icon-30.png Strategic Portfolio Planning - Framework for Portfolio Agility
Carina Hatfield

video-icon-30.png Resource Management in a Changing World of Work [With/Without LeanKit]
Scott Townsend

video-icon-30.png Recipe for Agility and Governance: Program Management, Dependencies, and Incremental Delivery
Carina Hatfield

- The Journey (Traditional to Modern to Lean) Track

video-icon-30.png Modernize Your PPM Approach for Today’s Hybrid Ways of Working
Linda Roach and Marcus Klein

video-icon-30.png Roadmap to Agility - Plan Your Journey for Today’s Hybrid Reality
Marcus Klein and Liam Townsend

video-icon-30.png So You Have FLEX, Now What? How to Learn, Improve, and Grow in Team Delivery
Zach McDowell and Jon High

- Other Gems Track

video-icon-30.png Sustaining Transformation Through a Culture of Innovation
Gareth Bradley

video-icon-30.png The EA's Role in Outcome-Driven Organizations
Dominique Trimino

video-icon-30.png Accidental Portfolio Management – or how to keep track of planned and unplanned work in Projectplace
Leila Rosenstrale

video-icon-30.png Agile Stories from the Field
Ronnie Pinkerton

Enterprise One - Capability and Technology Management Customer Presentations

video-icon-30.png Steer Your Organization to True North: Using Business and Enterprise Architecture to Increase Value
MassMutual - John Anderson

video-icon-30.png From 'The Department of No' to 'The Department of Know'
Nationwide Building Society- Jason Avgherinos

PPM Pro Customer Presentations

video-icon-30.png How Cepheid IT Manages to Drive Business Value
Cepheid - Prashanth Naidu

video-icon-30.png Water for Life: Embracing PPM Best Practices to Enhance the Health and Wellbeing of Customers
Southern Water - Stephen Budd

video-icon-30.png Planting Seeds for Success: Establishing Grass Roots Solutions Across a Global & Diverse Environment
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Megan Naleway and Brian O'Reilly (Springbok Solutions)

video-icon-30.png PPM Excellence: Best Practices for Permissions, Requests, and Dashboards in a Global Environment
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Sudeep Veettil

FLEX - PPM Pro & Projectplace/Project Work Delivery Customer Presentations

video-icon-30.png Predictable, Consistent, Performant: Leveraging Projectplace to Collect Critical Project Performance Data
NuVasive - Travis Dickerson and Becky Smith

video-icon-30.png Delivering Cutting-Edge Healthcare: Bringing Together PPM and Team Delivery to Improve Public Health
Parkview Health - Cortney Webb






Planview Product Management Presentations

- Traditional PPM - PPM Pro Track

video-icon-30.png Visibility & Reporting for Strategic Uplift [PPM Pro]
Sherrill Packebush

video-icon-30.png Planning in an Unplannable World [PPM Pro]
Sherrill Packebush

video-icon-30.png PPM Pro Tips and Tricks for Times of Change
Sherrill Packebush

- Enterprise Agile Planning Track

video-icon-30.png What is Lean Portfolio Management, and Why Should YOU care?
Brook Applebaum and Marcus Klein

video-icon-30.png What the Heck is a Value Stream When Making the Product Shift
Jon Terry

video-icon-30.png Agile Program Management: How It’s Different
Ronnie Pinkerton and Alex Glabman

- Work Management Track

video-icon-30.png Stop Flying Blind: Kanban’s Role in Connecting your Business and Driving Team Productivity
Zach McDowell and Alex Glabman

video-icon-30.png It's Not Just the "New Normal", It's the Future of Work: Strategies for Thriving in a Remote World
Zach McDowell and Alex Elkins

video-icon-30.png Suddenly Distributed: How to Do Virtual Team and PI Planning
Jon Terry and Alex Glabman