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Planview Customer Success Center

Accelerate 2022

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Building the Future of Connected Work

Razat Gaurav, Chief Executive Officer


Customer Keynote Panel: A Comprehensive Discussion about Enterprise-Wide Transformations

Facilitated by Mik Kersten, CTO at Planview

Panel: Susan Boyd, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; Brendan Hopper, Commonwealth Bank of Australia; Sandy Pittman, United Parcel Service (UPS)


Keynote Session: Defined by Defeat - The Real Champion Story

Lauren Sisler, Award Winning Broadcaster

Planview Customer Presentations

Building an Adaptive Product Portfolio

video-icon-30.png Building Organizational Agility with a Global Pharma Portfolio             
Bayer - Marcel Groten 

video-icon-30.png Innovating Against the Clock: Reverse Engineering to Revive a Piece of World History             
Samtec - Tori Foust

video-icon-30.png Thinking Outside the Box: The Multi-Faceted Role of Ideation            
TechnipFMC - Tamara Viles, Kim Glover

video-icon-30.png Delivering Rapid Innovation by Driving Collaboration to New Levels
Xtrac - Phil Smith

Driving Value Across Your Portfolio (SPM)

video-icon-30.png Connecting Technology and Business to Drive Business Outcomes           
Raytheon - Stephen Pierce, Justin Ladabouche, Najat 

video-icon-30.png Strategic Planning & Financial Alignment to Strategic Outcomes that Matter       Canadian Tire - Teresa Prevoe 

video-icon-30.png Strategic Budgeting in World Disrupted           
Flex - Keith Minne

video-icon-30.png Strategic Portfolio Management and Enterprise Agility         
NatWest - Stephen Marjot

video-icon-30.png Working Together to Deliver what Matters          
UPS - Sandy Pittman

Journey to Modernize PPM

video-icon-30.png Modernizing of the PPM Journey: The Road to Enable Technology Transformation        
Cognizant - Estela Lauriella-Thota

video-icon-30.png Building a Scalable Project Management Ecosystem          
Flex - Keith Minne

video-icon-30.png Modernizing and Scaling Global IT PPM for Business Agility           
Ingram Micro - Adriana Callerio

video-icon-30.png Agile, Waterfall, Interactive - Oh My! Select, Integrate, Deliver in a Multi-Methodology Environment         
Surescripts - Joe Perzel

Mature Your Agile Planning

video-icon-30.png Project to Product: An Agile Case for Change
Huntington Bank - Charlie Kennedy

video-icon-30.png Agile by Stealth          
NatWest - Kevin Meddeman

Unlock Value with Connected Services

video-icon-30.png Interview: Modernizing Services Business Operations to Scale with Benify Part 1  
Benify - Ross Spearmen

video-icon-30.png Interview: Modernizing Services Business Operations to Scale with Benify Part 2  
Benify - Ross Spearmen

Value Stream Management

video-icon-30.png How Integrations Puts the Value in Value Stream Mangement           
Accenture - Cheryl Kellman

video-icon-30.png Flow First
HSBC - Chris Orson

video-icon-30.png Setting Yourself Up for Success with VSM
TIAA - Melissa Dade

Planview Product Management Presentations

Building an Adaptive Product Portfolio

video-icon-30.png Making Uncertainty a Complete Advantage: Managing Product Portfolio Risk with Planview Advisor
Planview - Dr. Richard Sonnenblick 

video-icon-30.png Overcoming Disruptions to Effect Product Development        
Planview - Teresa Breitbach and Gareth Bradley

video-icon-30.png The Power of Transformation in Times of Change              
Planview - Razat Gaurav, CEO and Mark Fields, Former President and CEO of Ford Motor Company Chairman, Planview Board of Directors TPG

Driving Value Across Your Portfolio (SPM)

video-icon-30.png Connecting your Portfolios, Value Streams and Teams          
Planview - Marcus Klein, Ben Hood, and Jeff Downs 

video-icon-30.png Recipe for Planning Success - Align, Revisit, Measure and Adjust with OKRs         
Planview -
Dominique Trimino

Journey to Modernize PPM

video-icon-30.png Embracing Change: Accelerate the PMO's Value in Times of Uncertainty
Planview - Angie Parsons and Debra Azikovitz 

video-icon-30.png Your Path to Becoming a Modern PMO: Where are you on the Journey?
Planview - Geoff Cuddy

Mature Your Agile Planning

video-icon-30.png Get Your Priorities Straight!              
Planview - Jon High

video-icon-30.png Identify and Optimize Your Value Streams and/or Products              
Planview - Ronnie Pinkerton

video-icon-30.png Post-Pandemic PI Planning: It's the Same but Different    
Planview - Steve Wolfe and Emily Peterson

Unlock Value with Connected Services

video-icon-30.png Become a Connected Services Organization              
Planview - Dave Blumhorst

video-icon-30.png Connected Services Journey in Action         
Planview - Noen Ramminger and AJ Shavell

video-icon-30.png How Planview uses our own (Strategic Portfolio) Management Solution to Achieve Business Agility              
Planview - Ronnie Pinkerton and Steve Wolfe

video-icon-30.png Your Connected Services Journey              
Planview - Mike Smith and Limor Schmitz


Value Stream Management

video-icon-30.png Flow-Based OKRs: Trying Strategy to Key Results          
Planview - Debbie Konrad and Kate Chaika

video-icon-30.png Introducing Tasktop and Value Stream Management
Planview - Alan Manuel

video-icon-30.png The Shift from Project to Product: State of the Industry Report    
Planview - Naomi Lurie

Planview Partner Presentations

video-icon-30.png Doing Agile Right            
Bain - Darrel Rigby

video-icon-30.png Expand, Transform, and Maximize your Planview Solution with Winmill PPM             
Winmill PPM - Tyler Dickey