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Planview Customer Success Center

Accelerate 2021

   Building the Future of Connected Work

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  Planview Executive Keynote

video-icon-30.png Building the Future of Connected Work
Razat Gaurav, Chief Executive Officer 

Conference Keynote Survive, Drive, Win: Lessons from F1
Nick Fry, Former CEO, Mercedes F1

Customer Panel Keynote

video-icon-30.png Transform your Business
NatWest - Stephen Marjot, Head of Change
Dell Technologies - Travis Asklund, VP, Global Market and Product Operations

IBM - Michelle Ginther, Director, Client Success Support Team
Wolters Kluwer - Andrea LaMalfa, Global Head of Services Operations

Planview Customer Presentations

PPM Across the Enterprise

Planview Enterprise One                                                                                         

video-icon-30.png Distilling the Data: Preparing and Presenting to Leadership to Empower Decision-making                 
Akamai - Kristen Laaspere   

video-icon-30.png #TogetherUnstoppable with Digital Work Transformation
DHL - Claire Howells

video-icon-30.png The Power of Having One Single Source of Truth
Johnson & Johnson - Hiren Shah & Mark Wybrani

video-icon-30.png The Path Ahead: Continuously Transforming to Create Value
RBC - Tony Vosper        


Planview PPM Pro

video-icon-30.png Drive Growth from Ideation to Execution
Buckman Laboratories - Courtney Harlow

video-icon-30.png The Evolution to IMO's Agile PMO
Intelligent Medical Objects - Steve Solmini

video-icon-30.png A Journey into Resource Management Practices: How It's Improved with PPM Pro
Lowell Group - Tamylynne & Jen Sprink

video-icon-30.png Be FLEXible: Select the Best Work Delivery Experience for Project Management Success
Medical College of Wisconsin - Erika Mendez

video-icon-30.png Reducing Security Risk with Work Intake and Delivery
Parkview Health - Jana Anderson & Janeen Close & Michael Havison


Planview Clarizen

video-icon-30.png Modernizing the Way Conagra Brands Works to Deliver Global Products to Market
Conagra Brands - Mark Evans

video-icon-30.png Fuel your Growing Business with a PPM Platform
Kensium - Paul Prikett       

video-icon-30.png Navigating A World of Constant Change
Vodafone - Helen Scanlan 


Planview Daptiv + Planview Barometer

video-icon-30.png Let the Data Do the Talking: Telling PMO Stories with Dashboards
BakerHostler - Kelly Baumer & Mindy Rings

video-icon-30.png "Show Me the Money" Using Planview Daptiv for Financial Management
Clarios - Linda Grus

video-icon-30.png Beyond PPM: Undergoing an Enterprise-wide Strategic Evolution
Global Payments - Ron Beaty & Glen Holloway

video-icon-30.png Viewing Project-Level Data Under a Microscope
ITA Group - Dave Dueland

video-icon-30.png Developing a Strategic Project Portfolio Management Office (PPMO) Infrastructure
Stanford Blood - Thu Nguyen

Becoming Agile and Beyond

video-icon-30.png Seven Tips for Agile in the Nebula (aka Large Non-IT Distributed Organizations)
Accenture - Sangeeta Rajan & Joe Fecarotta & Malvika Rajan

video-icon-30.png Enabling Customer Value Through Lean Portfolio Management
Nationwide Building Society - Chris Scott & Caterina Notarbartolo

video-icon-30.png Why Agile Transformations Fail
NatWest - Steve Marjot & Katrina Warren

video-icon-30.png Four Focus Areas of an Agile Journey
Verisk - Kevin Gold

Professional Services Automation

video-icon-30.png Enhancing Delivery Governance within a Growing IT Services Organization
Bell Integrations - Shoib Khan

video-icon-30.png Evolving Resources Management to Drive Future Vision
Healthcare Industry - Tara Nelson

video-icon-30.png Enriching Services Delivery Business Processes
IBM - Michelle Ginther & Sharon Burton

video-icon-30.png The Comprehensive Benefits of Automation & Harmonization
Siemens Energy - Alex Viola

video-icon-30.png The Foundations of Effective Opportunity Management
Tufin Technologies - Bill Chernock

video-icon-30.png The Changepoint Secret Sauce
Tyler Technologies - Christine Herb

video-icon-30.png Building an Integrated Services Ecosystem
Wolters Kluwer - Andrea La Malfa

Extended Use Cases

video-icon-30.png Redefining Global Project Collaboration with Projectplace
AkzoNobel - Rudi Vieira Martins

video-icon-30.png Measuring ROI & Infusing Innovation into Agile
Guardian Life - Kris Ireland

video-icon-30.png Innovation at HS2: Europe's Largest Infrastructure Project
HS2 - Rob Cairns

video-icon-30.png Extending Enterprise Architecture Reach with Planview and the Flexera Data Platform
MassMutual - John Anderson

video-icon-30.png Next Horizon Strategy Program and Experimentation Challenge
MetLife - Jill Shefin

video-icon-30.png Projectplace as a Strategic Lever: Our Learning & Performance Journey
RBC - Sandra Baglione & Patricia Neely


Planview Product Management Presentations

PPM Across the Enterprise

Planview Enterprise One                                                                                                  

video-icon-30.png Adaptive Portfolio Management
Laura Iles & Heather Westmoreland

video-icon-30.png Connected FLEX: Agile Delivery in Hybrid Portfolios - Connecting Team Kanban to Enterprise One
Paul Jacobs & Alex Elkins

video-icon-30.png Connected FLEX: Modernizing PPM by Connecting Project Teams to Enterprise One
Paul Jacobs & Alex Elkins

video-icon-30.png Connected Work - Bringing FLEX story to Life with Enterprise One Dashboards
Paul Jacobs & Mauricio Parra

video-icon-30.png Data Science Approaches for Accelerating Strategic Delivery
Murray Cantor & Somnath Chakravarty

video-icon-30.png Empowering the Journey to Modern PPM Today and Tomorrow 
Marcus Klein                   

video-icon-30.png Managing Resources in a Hybrid Organization
Scott Townsend          


Planview PPM Pro

video-icon-30.png Dev Flexing with PPM Pro and LeanKit to Deliver Winning Products
Lamar McMechan

video-icon-30.png Looking to the Stars - Portfolio Planning, PPA, and What-If
Sherrill Packebush

video-icon-30.png Stepping into Next-Gen Reports and Dashboards - Designing Effective Dashboards
Sherrill Packebush

video-icon-30.png The "Best and Brightest" All-Star Features of Planview PPM Pro
Sherrill Packebush


Planview Clarizen

video-icon-30.png Clarizen Reporting: Gain Insights and Course Correct by Tracking Key Changes in Plans Over Time
Graham Bulpitt

video-icon-30.png Clarizen Slide Publisher Best Practices
Roie Moran

video-icon-30.png Goal Management – From Business Objectives to ROI
Graham Bulpitt

video-icon-30.png Hybrid for The Enterprise: Leveraging Hybrid Practices for Agile Task​ Management and Work Delivery
Gaelle Tal


Planview Daptiv + Planview Barometer

video-icon-30.png 5 Levels of Resource Management - A Solution for Every Challenge
Dave Blumhorst

video-icon-30.png Daptiv Analytics: Reports and Dashboards
Chrissy Dowds

video-icon-30.png Enabling Your Agile Journey with Planview Daptiv
Dave Blumhorst

Becoming Agile and Beyond

video-icon-30.png Agile Program Management - Making Work Connected & Visible
Alex Glabman & Norman Garrett

video-icon-30.png Building High Performing Agile Teams
Ronnie Pinkerton & Jon High

video-icon-30.png Caffeinate your collaboration with Instant Coffee!
Alex Glabman

video-icon-30.png Coaching Through an Agile Transformation at Planview
Steve Wolfe

video-icon-30.png OK-R You Ready for a Goal-Setting Framework
Dominique Trimino & Steve Wolfe

Extended Use Cases

video-icon-30.png Better Data: Better Architecture Decisions
Dominique Trimino

video-icon-30.png Transforming Culture with a Wider Innovation Lens
Gareth Bradley

video-icon-30.png Why Teams Love Working in Projectplace
Leila Rosenstråle

Partner Presentations

Becoming Agile and Beyond

video-icon-30.png Project to Product - Driving Business Agility with Flow Metrics
Tasktop - Dr. Mik Kersten, Founder and CEO

Partner Meet the Experts Roundtable Discussions

Planview Clarizen

video-icon-30.png The Power of Win Achieving PPM Nirvana with Winmill PPM


Meet the Experts Roundtable Discussions

PPM Across the Enterprise

Planview Enterprise One   

video-icon-30.png How to Make Impressive Timeline Sides for Executive Presentations

video-icon-30.png Let's Talk Cross Product Analytics and Reporting

video-icon-30.png Let's Talk Managing Hybrid Resources pt.1

video-icon-30.png Let's Talk Managing Hybrid Resources pt.2


Planview Clarizen

video-icon-30.png Clarizen Reports and Dashboards

video-icon-30.png Evolving to Success


Planview Daptiv + Planview Barometer

video-icon-30.png Become a Strategic Planning Powerhouse

Becoming Agile and Beyond

video-icon-30.png Lean Coffee with the Product Team

video-icon-30.png LeanKit Reporting (Power BI, OData)

video-icon-30.png Objective and Key Results (OKR) with Tasktop

video-icon-30.png Taking the First Step with an Agile Team

Extended Use Cases

video-icon-30.png EA's Role in Connecting Strategy & Delivery

Professional Services Automation

video-icon-30.png Changepoint Reporting & Analytics - Leveraging Data in your PSA Operation

video-icon-30.png Changepoint Resource Management for Services - the Right Resources at the Right Time