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Planview Customer Success Center

Enterprise Agile Planning Journey


Team Visibility

Start here if:

  • You are currently managing projects in Enterprise One but using a variety of different team tools to track work.

  • Your goal is to connect disparate agile teams so they can visually plan, manage, and coordinate their work at a program level.

Aligned Autonomy

Start here if:

  • Your agile teams’ work is visible in LeanKit but is not yet connected to Enterprise One for full strategy to delivery visualization.

  • Your goal is to use real-time status reporting and connected portfolio, program, and team boards to keep teams aligned to strategy and inform portfolio-level decision making.

Agile Program Management

Start here if:

  • You have established program and team boards in LeanKit and connected them to portfolios for real-time status reporting.

  • Your goal is to enable Program Increment (PI) / Quarterly Planning, where portfolio initiatives are prioritized and sent to teams of teams to coordinate planning, dependencies, and delivery.

Lean Portfolio Management

Start here if:

  • You have a Program Increment / Quarterly Planning process in place but have not made the shift to product-based planning and lean budgeting, funding and governance.

  • Your goal is to define strategic objectives, set portfolio-level OKRs and financial targets, and plan and fund value streams/products.