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Enterprise One Q&As - UMT & CC Webinar

Hopefully I will ask this question with clarity. Right now, we "get" the monthly updates 1 one month behind (e.g. we will get Aug release in early Sept.)    How close is the UMT to being able to NOT have to handle upgrades on an environment-by-environment basis? GA date is first week of the month. We have "slots" that are booked (Continuous Cloud calendar) that run for the next 4 weeks.
As we further develop the automated push button/unattended deployment, we'll be able to take more customers earlier in the month
How many PVE One clients have opt'd-in to date? We have nearly 200 customers on R18 +++ releases
We have around 30 customers taking "automatic" monthly updates
We've struggled with upgrades in the past where we seem to lose "horsepower" every time we upgrade (performance degraded, full site crashing).  Has this improved since last year?  How can we be assured we will not run into those experiences if/when we jump to continuous cloud?  We can't afford degraded performance or system crashes on a monthly basis For pre-prod upgrades (R16 or earlier) the scoping step at the beginning is there to make sure we scope/size the new infrastructure.
If you are R17 plus then it is in-place, so you are staying on the same (virtual) hardware. So you keep the same horsepower.
Is automated testing available in Sandbox before being pushed to production? We are obviously using automated testing in our internal testing through Quality Engineering. However, we can't offer customer specifc automated testing on their infrastructure.