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Enterprise One Q&As - October 2020 Release Webinar

Question Answer
Will all of the guides be available on CSC on how to safely convert the screens?  Yes, we are working on getting those updates on CSC.  The mini demo video 'Before you convert' also goes through all the steps.
Are you planning on implementing enhanced screens with requests and child LCs? This is not currently prioritized.  Be on the look out for an upcoming 2021 and beyond roadmap so that you can understand the themes that have been prioritized.
I am a little confused, if we have Request and we dispatch work from it we cannot use enhanced screens- Is that correct? You can use enhanced screens, it is just that you should not convert your Add New Work screen as it will not work properly if you are generating new work from the request. All other enhanced screens and the smart logic are available to use.
I have customized report and deployed into Tile which I created newly. Can I publish to any specific group of audience using Employee ID/Login Mail-ID in PlanView Enterprise one instead of feature? Distributing tiles via Menus and Ribbons screens is done for user role only at this time.
Will we be receiving this deck at the end of the presentation? Yes - the content being presented here will be made available within the October 2020 release section of Enterprise One product releases section within the Customer Success Center.
Where can I get more information on the RPA for rates update? I will be sharing the link to the demo. We are finalizing our CSC page but meanwhile you can get additional details by searching for the available Planview recipes on
CTM -> Configuration Type Constrains, when is this slated to be updated? It would be merged with the meta model configuration and one file import and export? It is slated for Nov 2020
Hi Paul, Thanks for response. In that case, Can I associate multiple role to the tile? Since I have audience spread across roles. And also Is there any generic role/feature for distributing tiles to all users of Planview? If so what is that? Individual tiles can be limited via a single user feature.  Ribbons and the tiles within can be defined by a single user-role (leaf-level or parent).  Using the combination could give some additional granularity.  
Regarding Analyze tiles and new colors, will existing color configuration still apply, or will an admin need to pick a new color for existing analyze tiles? That color will be reserved but can be changed.
Where do the "extra" hours show up when resources book more hours on a task if allocations do not decrement? We don't currently have a bucket to track the total extra hours but it is possible to compare planned effort to actuals.  I'd like to do more on the reporting side for the comparison.  However, can I ask how would like to view the extra hours?
Is there a roadmap of when the new configured screen format will be compatible with Requests? At this time Enhanced Screens for Requests is not currently prioritized.
What progression engine version do we need to use the Maintain Future Profiles option? It will be released as version 2.7
Can we have also multi column on power bi I'm assuming you're asking about the new column showing multi-selects showing up in column set models which then Power BI can consume. If so then yes these values will be available to Power BI reports.
For Scott related to Progressing Engine.  Will the Require tab now include an Actual Effort tab, splitting it from Assigned Effort which currently includes Assigned Effort + Actual Effort? We haven't separated those columns yet, but that is something I'd like to do (just not sure when at the moment).
Can you make the Multi-Select column a hyperlink to open a screen that will allow editing? I'm not sure if this is exactly what you'd like, but with the Analyze tile you could associate a link to a multi-select column.
Hi Scott, can we have timeline views similar to CTM for Work and Assignments screen Nothing is currently planned there.  As you know, hosted customers have access to export scheduling information into a timeline view in PowerPoint.  We do have long-term roadmap plans to add some roadmapping capabilities.  Keep a lookout for an upcoming webinar for a 2021 and beyond roadmap session.  It should be noted though that as we are moving to a Platform and creating new services around new capabilities that connect across all our products, they will be cloud-based.
What was the BEWARE note at the bottom of the screen on the two previous slides? Follow the recommended order for converting.
'@Paul Jacobs:  Can you please share your comments for my previous question. I will research the question on what options are available for tile and ribbon set up outside of role definitions. Please look to the FAQ section once October is GA.
Yes, please - would love the presentation. Available on product release page.
Is it also planned to improve the usability of custom tiles? For example should the header of the table tile stay on the top of the site when we scroll down. Or we want to be able to have more than 12 columns in customized table tiles. Those are older tech and is being investigated to determine what options are available. Unsure at this time regarding timeframe.
CTM -> On-prem Oracle 19c production certification? 18c will be EOF next year We plan on support the beginning of 2021
Q:  What does RPA stand for again? Robotic Process Automation
One easy question: Is it possible to make the Project Name read-only in the Portfolio View ? It's not possible to make the Project Name read-only on the Portfolio View while also leaving it editable in other areas.