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Analytics & Reporting in Planview Enterprise

Analytics and reports in Planview Enterprise provide insight into your portfolio data to drive decision making.
The different components are targeted at different types of Planview Enterprise user and different reporting and data analysis use cases.

Summary of the Analytics and Reporting Capabilities of Planview Enterprise

  • The portfolio view screen, combined with the column set capability, provides users with the ability to view and interact with tabular based data relating to portfolios of work, requests, resource and outcomes
  • Portfolio View Column Sets are available to all users and provide the simplest way of visualizing Planview Enterprise in a tabular format, live in the application
  • The data in a portfolio view column set can be exported to different output formats, including Microsoft Excel

  • The RPM Analytics and Dashboards are pre-defined reports summarizing and visualizing data from Planview Enterprise
  • They are fixed format reports that meet the day one reporting needs of all of our customers
  • The reports are rapidly deployed through a configuration process controlled by the Planview Administrator
  • The RPM Analytics Catalog describes each of these predefined reports
  • To view detailed information on management and configuration process refer to the RPM Analytics and Dashboards topic

  • Ad-hoc Analysis (formerly known as Insight Analytics) is targeted at users who want to carry out data exploration and analysis
  • Planview Enterprise data is processed into OLAP cubes and users connect to each cube using an Add-In for Microsoft Excel and use the pivot table capabilities in Microsoft Excel to analyze the cube data
  • Planview Enterprise 14 introduces the ability to use Power BI to consume Ad-Hoc Analysis cube data
  • Watch a video illustrating the ease of use and power of Ad-Hoc Analysis and learn about the cubes and deployment process

  • Power BI is a business intelligence data visualization tool from Microsoft, which can be used to explore specific types of Planview Enterprise data.  It allows non-technical end users in your organization to create analytics and dashboards by themselves, without the need for technical report development skills or a technical understanding of the data structure. They can create interactive dashboards with deep dive functionality in minutes. The main advantage of this software is it's simplicity of use, while still being mature enough that can be used in enterprise systems by report developers for complex data modeling scenarios.
  • The Power BI tool is connected to a data source and Planview Enterprise offers a number of different data source options, which are described below. In addition, Power BI can be used to combine Planview Enterprise data with data from different systems and data sources, into a single interactive dashboard.
  • Click here to learn more about Power BI access, licensing and the different options available for connecting to Planview Enterprise data sources, including the Planview Enterprise Content Pack, Column Set Push, Column Set Pull, Ad-Hoc Analysis cubes and custom data sets.
  • Detailed information on the data source options for Power BI can be found in this topic - Using Power BI with Planview Enterprise Data Sources

  • The embedded Microsoft Reporting Services platform in Planview Enterprise provides the capability for creating customer specific custom reports
  • Customers can develop their own reports or can engage the Global Reporting Services team in Planview Consulting to specify and develop custom reports
  • The Planview Consulting Custom Reporting Process is detailed in this topic


  • The Configurable Table capability allows the Administrator to create tile based tables, using column sets, to filter and alter on portfolio based data
  • Refer to the RPM Tile Catalog for suggestions and recommendations on using this capability
  • Tiles can link to Predefined Tables which are out-of-the-box tables, available on specific portfolio types, that provide alert and exception based reports
  • Predefined Tables have very limited options for changes through configuration
  • Tiles in ribbons can link to Customized Tables which are created and distributed by the Planview Administrator
  • Creating new Customized Tables requires detailed knowledge of the Planview Enterprise database and SQL skills
  • Some of the RPM Tiles, delivered by the Planview Consulting organization as part of an RPM Solution, use this Customized Tile capability
  • Refer to the RPM Tile Catalog for details on each RPM Customized Table Tile



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Reporting Tools & Data Sources
  • Where does the data come from and how is it procured and visualized?
  • Planview Enterprise provides a number of different Data Sources and Reporting Tools 

Determining which Analytics & Reporting Tool to Use
  • Consumers of Planview Enterprise outputs, reports and analytics have different requirements relating to how they will access, consume and interact with data and information from Planview Enterprise
  • The Determining which tool to Use topic provides guidance on determining which option will best meet the needs the different types of report consumer

Microsoft Outlook Add-In

  • Planview Enterprise 14 relaunches the Microsoft Outlook Add-In
  • Following the installation of the Add-In to Outlook, users can access Report Tiles, including RPM Analytics and Custom Reports from within Outlook, connecting to their Planview Enterprise server to execute and view the reports
  • Note - the Outlook Add-In is not available for Planview Enterprise 13

Report Subscriptions

  • The report subscription capability allows a report (RPM Analytics or Custom Report) to be executed automatically based on a specific set of parameters and the resulting report can be emailed as attached export
  • Recipients of the emails do not need to be users of Planview Enterprise
  • Learn more in this topic - Create Report Subscriptions from Planview Enterprise