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Planview Enterprise One – PRM and Planview Projectplace

Talking Points

clipboard_e3bc77fe3376bc041282495c5ea47f560.pngPlanview Enterprise One – PRM is ideal for managing the overall strategic direction and priorities of your initiatives and the project portfolios they make up. However, the information you have on the underlying work that makes up the high-level strategic entities is much more insightful if it is consistent and tracks the information you want to see. The Project Teams module, powered by Projectplace can serve as a vital tool for making sure work is completed and reported uniformly across your organization.

  • The Project Teams module can be used throughout the business as well (see graphic).
  • Data imported from The Project Teams module fits seamlessly into PRM project plans and portfolios, meaning the PMO can get important high-level information without learning another tool. See Planview Enterprise One and Projectplace Connector for how this works.
  • You can ensure consistent data is reported by using workspace templates in The Project Teams module for all new work. You can store your own templates in The Project Teams module, to encourage consistency in internal reports as well. See Work with Workspace Templates for how to accomplish this.
  • Team members don't even need to learn The Project Teams module to input needed data, because it can be integrated with familiar applications like Microsoft Teams. This saves time and money on training. See Use Projectplace with Microsoft Teams to learn more.
  • When a need arises to dig deeper into a problem area or inconsistency, it is easy to go into The Project Teams module and see what's going on, from plan details, to project documents, to work assignments. All information about a project, from plan to resources to supporting documents, is stored in one place.


Questions for the Customer
  • What tools do your teams currently use to track and deliver work? Is that information easily visible in Planview Enterprise One – PRM?

  • What sort of issues do you have with consuming information from other tools?

  • How often do you need to know the details of the work that goes into your strategic initiatives?

  • Do the people who are managing work in your portfolio need all the power of PRM, or do you think you might get more participation if they had a more collaborative application that feeds the data you need into PRM?
  • What challenges do you have around visibility into the detailed execution of your projects and plans?

  • How do you prioritize work?


Projectplace Use Cases slide deck (This is on SharePoint, but is really helpful)

Using Projectplace with Microsoft Teams video

Projectplace for Product Delivery video

Planview Projectplace Solution Brief

Sample Templates (to be developed)