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Talk Track - Project Capability

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Talking Points
  • The Project capability map is most relevant for those customers who are still operating within the traditional PPM space. 
  • Traditional organizations focus mainly on the basics of on-time delivery and resource utilization.
  • Portfolio planning and funding processes are often carried out on an annual basis, with pots of money at an organizational level (e.g., business unit) to be distributed amongst the high priority projects within that area. Detailed business cases tend to be required before projects are approved. 
  • Organizational capacity targets are set for each business area with detailed capacity planning taking place down to the named resource level.
  • Portfolios are organized around projects and there is a intake process through which prioritization and financial information is collected in order to carry out structured investment planning and approval against the organizational funding and capacity targets. 
  • Governance is often complex, command and control style with projects following a gated process. 
  • Work and resource management mostly focuses on top-down management through detailed project schedules and resource assignments, with progress information coming from monthly status reports and timesheets.
  • As projects are the main delivery vehicle, work delivery is often carried out by temporary project teams (best supported by Project Teams, powered by Projectplace) although there may also be some teams working in a more process-driven, agile way (best supported by Team Kanban, powered by LeanKit).


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Project Capability by platform/product


Questions for the Customer
  • Where do you think you are on your modernization journey today? Where do you want to be, and in what timeframe? 

  • Are there parts of your organization that are in different stages of the journey? 

  • How do you get information about work done by different groups within your organization into your strategic plan? Do they use different tools? How does the data roll up for reporting?

  • What challenges do you have around visibility into the detailed execution of your projects and plans?

  • How are your projects funded, prioritized, and tracked in your governance process?


These videos introduce you to the Capability Model, how the model is structured, and to the capability map.