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Planview Enterprise One – PRM and Planview LeanKit (plus Planview TaskTop)

Talking Points

clipboard_e3bc0f4631de0abbbd759f018a382a4fc.pngPlanview Enterprise One – PRM is ideal for managing the overall strategic direction and priorities of your initiatives and epics, and can be used with business units that are better suited to working in a waterfall environment as well. The Team Kanban module, powered by LeanKit is an ideal way to track the work of Agile teams across the organization. The best news is that no matter how your teams do their work, the PMO can see the big picture, make long-range plans, and dive into analytics and schedules as needed. 

  • The Team Kanban module, powered by LeanKit, can be used throughout the business (see graphic).
  • The Team Kanban module can seamlessly integrate with other Agile tools via the Planview TaskTop solution. This allows data from teams working in other tools to flow into The Team Kanban module for an aggregated view of all Agile work, which can then flow into PRM for a "whole organization" view.  See LeanKit Integrations, Powered by Tasktop for how this works.
  • Data imported from The Team Kanban module fits seamlessly into PRM financial plans and strategic portfolios, meaning the PMO can get important high-level information without learning another tool. See Planview Enterprise One and LeanKit Connector to learn how this works.
  • The Team Kanban module allows teams to have autonomy to create and organize boards to be exactly how they work, and allows them to self-organize, yet the PMO can still get needed information for reporting and analytics. See Reports Overview for more on analytics.
  • Team members don't need to learn PRM and can work in a completely Agile environment that's intuitive and flexible.
  • When a need arises to dig deeper into blockers and bottlenecks, it is easy to go into The Team Kanban module and see what's going on, from prioritization issues, to stalled work, to team members who are over capacity. All information about an Agile team's work can be seen in one place, including Agile analytics. See Reports Overview for more on analytics.
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR) functionality within The Team Kanban module helps focus work delivery on value-based outcomes by sharing goals, communicating expectations, and measuring results. See Understanding OKRs for more information.
Questions for the Customer
  • What tools do your teams currently use to track and deliver work? Is that information easily visible in Planview Enterprise One – PRM?

  • What sort of issues do you have with consuming information from other tools?

  • How often do you need to know the details of the work that goes into your strategic initiatives?

  • Do the people who are managing work in your portfolio need all the power of PRM, or do you think you might get more participation if they had a more collaborative application that feeds the data you need into PRM?
  • What challenges do you have around visibility into the detailed execution of your projects and plans?

  • How do you prioritize work?


LeanKit Use Cases slide deck (This is on SharePoint, but is really helpful)

LeanKit Enablement and Adoption

Planview LeanKit datasheet

Use Cases: