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Talk Track - Agile Capability

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Planview Enterprise One – PRM, Planview LeanKit

Talking Points
  • The Agile capability map is most relevant for those customers who are starting to make, or have just made, the product shift and are introducing agile practices and procedures (e.g., stable, self-managed cross-functional teams, Program Increment (PI) or Quarterly Planning events etc.) 
  • Agile organizations are often focused on throughput, asking questions such as "Are we getting enough done?" or "Are we doing things in the right way?"
  • From a portfolio management perspective, funding is centered around products and it is at this level that capacity targets are set for the Agile teams-of-teams (often referred to as an Agile Release Train, or ART).
  • Portfolios are organized around epics and there is an intake process through which epic prioritization and financial information (including size) is collected in order to carry out structured portfolio planning and approval against the product funding and capacity targets. From a functionality perspective, this planning and approval process is most likely carried out using Investment and Capacity Planning in Enterprise One, although visual capacity planning can also be carried out in the Team Kanban module using Work in Progress (WIP) limits. 
  • Once epics have been approved these sync over to the Team Kanban module, in which teams of teams carry out agile program and team planning activities. This involves breaking down the epics into the underlying features and stories and coordinating delivery across the teams.
  • If established teams are using other tools to deliver their work (such as JIRA, ADO, etc.), these can be integrated into the Planview platform in order to visualize all work at the teams-of-teams level for a comprehensive view of delivery across the organization. 
  • Delivery and status information from all team tools rolls back up to the portfolio, visible in Enterprise One. Interactive dashboards allow executives to view key strategic information, then drill down to the team delivery details, uncovering blockers against the most important and business-critical portfolio initiatives. 



Agile capabilities by platform/product


Questions for the Customer
  • Use the talking points above to ask questions to understand if the customer aligns with these capabilities.

These videos introduce you to the Capability Model, how the model is structured, and to the capability map.