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Outcome Focused Planning


This capability provides organizations with the ability to plan their portfolios and prioritize work based on value and the outcomes they are looking to deliver.​

Business Outcomes

Portfolio OKRs​

  • We can create portfolio objectives and associate the relevant key results for tracking.​

  • We can align program- and team-level OKRs with portfolio OKRs.​

  • We can measure the progress of portfolio OKRs by capturing associated metrics for the key result score and rolling up the objective.​

  • We can track the activity history for the key result progress changes for auditability.​

  • We can align work with portfolio OKRs by connecting key results to the relevant activities.​

Portfolio Financial Planning​

  • We can manage portfolio financial data in a structure that aligns with our organizational financial data model.​

  • We can manage the portfolio costs and the benefits or revenue that the portfolio generates.​

  • We can track the work being done by Agile teams and use that data to automatically create timesheet entries for financial planning, including categorizing the work into capitalization (CAPEX) or operational expenses (OPEX).​

Demand Intake (Governance)​

  • We can initiate new epics to deliver the solutions defined in the value streams and achieve the portfolio outcomes.​

  • We can collect the relevant descriptive and categorization information for each epic.​

  • We can carry out a high-level estimate of the size, benefits, and desired results associated with these epics to develop a Lean business case.​

Epic Prioritization​

  • We can rank and prioritize a portfolio of epics based on our organization’s priorities and drivers​.

Process Flow

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Best Practices

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Outputs, Reports, and Analytics

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