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Hybrid Capability Map


The hybrid solution supports organizations undergoing Agile transformation by providing a modern portfolio management approach that empowers teams with the right work experience and tool for the type of work being delivered – waterfall, iterative, collaborative, Lean-Agile. The work can be tied back into the integrated strategy and portfolio plans, enabling stakeholder visibility and organizational alignment.

Business Outcomes

  • Work Delivery — Provide team members with the right tools to suit their way of working. Project team members can collaborate/get work done in project specific workspaces while agile teams can plan and execute using customized Kanban boards.

  • Flexible Capacity and Resource Planning — Evolve capacity planning as organizational focus shifts from managing resource utilization to enabling teams to deliver customer value.

  • Portfolio Prioritization and Funding — Plan portfolios based on outcomes and benefits and the funding of programs and epics. Realign more quickly as priorities shift and funding aligns with sources of value.

  • Portfolio Visibility — Measure portfolio progress by capturing the right KPIs to quickly identify the need to pivot, adjust funding /capacity, or pull back.

  • Governance — Establish the right level of governance for the work being delivered, whether stage-gates/quarterly checkpoints for programs or lean guardrails for more empowered teams.

Detailed Hybrid Capability Map





Portfolio Management


Strategic Funding


Strategic Planning



Initiative Planning







Capacity Planning


Capacity Targets



Resource Planning



Capacity and Demand Balancing




Portfolio Planning





Program Intake



Program Governance



Program Financial Planning



Analysis and Prioritization



Program and Project Monitoring





Work and Resource Management


Work Management


Project Planning and Scheduling



Other Planned Work



Financial Management



Change, Risk and Issue Management



Agile Program Management


Quarterly Planning

Program Tracking/ Status


Program Kanban



Program Backlog Management



Program Execution



Cross-Program Coordination



Program OKRs




Resource Management


Resource Availability



Resource Assignments and Utilization



Time Reporting





Work Delivery and Team Experience


Project Team Delivery


Task Management



Progress and Status







Agile Team Delivery


Team Planning



Team Tracking / Statusing



Scrum Integration





Enterprise Architecture



Application Portfolio Management



Capability Portfolio Management



Technology Portfolio Management



Information Portfolio Management



Innovation Management



Ideas Management



Communities and Challenges