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Planview Customer Success Center

Value Stream Funding


This capability supports organizations that have made the product shift, allowing them to organize their funding model around the value streams that develop and operate their products, systems, and services. ​

Business Outcomes

Value Stream Planning ​

  • We can define the value streams required by our organization to realize our strategic plan and develop/operate the products, systems, and services that deliver value to our customers.​

  • We can describe and categorize these value streams. ​

  • We can define how the products, systems, and services will be delivered, through the value stream and their associated epics and features.

Value Stream Funding ​

  • We can shift our funding model to organize around the value streams that are delivering value to our customers.​

  • We can capture the costs of our stable team of teams against the relevant value stream. ​

Financial Targets ​

  • We can set the value stream budget and define benefits/revenue targets that the portfolio must generate. This provides the context against which epics can be analyzed and prioritized. ​

Process Flow

Coming soon. 

Best Practices

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Outputs, Reports, and Analytics

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