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Agile Capability Map


By connecting strategic portfolio management with Agile delivery, the Agile portfolio management solution enables companies to deliver products and solutions faster, improve business outcomes, and support strategic objectives.

Business Outcomes

  • Strategic Alignment - Optimize throughput and effectiveness with the right people on the right teams working on the right priorities

  • Lean Budgeting and Financials - Ensure delivery of the highest-value work first through an iterative approach to budgeting. Adjust value stream funding based on changing business priorities and outcome driven indicators / KPIs 

  • Increase Revenue — Accelerate time-to-market of new products and enhancements with shorter lead and cycle times.

  • Program Visualization — Make better business decisions and create more predictable plans by using Kanban boards for work visualization and planning across teams and teams of teams.

  • Team Tools — Enable teams to organize and work how they want using customizable Kanban boards and integration capabilities with existing development tools.

  • Agile Costing — Easily capture Agile team costs in real-time by automating actuals for better capitalization and reporting.

  • Flexible Governance — Increase delivery speed with just enough governance to provide clear guidelines to team on priorities and pivots

Detailed Agile Capability Map





Portfolio Management


Product Funding


Product Planning



Product Funding



Capacity Targets





Epic Portfolio Planning


Demand Intake (Work)



Epic Financial Planning



Analysis and Prioritization / Scenario Planning



Portfolio Backlog Management



Portfolio Capacity Planning



Portfolio OKRs




Agile Program Planning


Program Backlog Management



Program Capacity Planning



Program OKRs






Continuous Improvement    



Work Management


Agile Program Delivery


Cross-Program Coordination



Program Execution



Agile Team Planning


Team OKRs



Team Backlog Management




Agile Team Delivery


Cross-Team Coordination



Team Execution



Team Integration [Agile Team Tool/s]








Enterprise Architecture



Application Portfolio Management



Capability Portfolio Management



Technology Portfolio Management



Information Portfolio Management



Innovation Management



Ideas Management



Communities and Challenges