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Resource Management


This capability provides a single repository of information related to the resources that can deliver work in the organization.  

It allows resource managers (or resources themselves) to manage the non-availability of resources, reflecting the true capacity of the organization to deliver work and projects. 

It also provides the ability to track and manage the assignment of named resources to work on projects or discrete phases/stages or activities within projects. 

Demand created against the project plan is used as the communication mechanism for resource managers to understand the future demand on their teams.  

This capability also supports the collection of Time Reporting information for each resource. 

Business Outcomes

  • Resource Availability

    • We can understand the impact of vacations, absences and other overhead activities on resource capacity 

    • We can determine the overall organizational capacity to deliver work; project and non-project work

    • We have accurate information on the non-availability of resources to factor into the portfolio capacity planning and resource management processes. 

  • Resource Assignments and Utilization

    • We can measure the demand for resources to deliver project and non-project work, based on our organizational structure and resource (role) classifications 

    • We can determine and visualize the overall utilization of resource teams 

    • We can assign demand to named resources  

    • We can identify under and over utilized resources and take actions to optimize resource utilization 

  • Time Reporting

    • Our resources can report actual hours worked through their weekly timesheet, including planned project work, other planned work and also non-planned work and absences 

    • We can use timesheet data to update project schedules with actual effort, actual dates and to determine costs using resource rates 

    • We can monitor timesheet status and measure compliance of timesheet submission and approval against our organizational targets, driving up to date project data and resource utilization data 

  • Agile Costing

    • We can track the work being done by Agile teams and use that data to automatically create timesheet entries for financial planning, including categorizing the work into capitalization (CAPEX) or operational expenses (OPEX), all without requiring team members to manually fill out timesheets. 

Process Flow

Resource management process flow

Best Practices

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Outputs, Reports, and Analytics

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