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Project Portfolio Planning


This capability supports a clearly defined process to initiate a potential new investment and collect relevant categorization/scoring information and initial financial data. 

It allows for the collection of all potential new investments to carry out analysis and approval in the context of the whole portfolio (including in-flight investments), resulting in an agreed portfolio plan. 

It provides a process and governance structure for progressing projects through an approval lifecycle into execution/delivery; ensuring that decisions are made by the right people based on structured data for each project entity.  

Business Outcomes

  • Requests

    • We have a single repository to collect requests for work and change from the business and this repository is available to all stakeholders in the organization

    • We have a structured process to categorize and assess and carry out a “sizing” estimation of these requests before taking them forward for consideration as new investments 

  • Project Intake

    • We have a consistent intake process for all work/projects 

    • We can describe and categorize projects based on our organizational data model and attributes 

    • We have a single repository of all projects, which includes new potential (not yet approved), approved, active and completed projects 

  • Project Governance

    • We have a structured process to capture, assess, estimate and approve projects  

    • We can ensure that the appropriate governance process is applied to projects, based on specific criteria 

    • We can control the progression of a project through the delivery process and ensure that all appropriate actions / steps have been taken at each stage  

    • We can ensure that the approval and review actions have been assigned to the appropriate user 

  • Demand Financial Planning

    • We can estimate the costs, benefits and revenue associated with potential new investments 

  • Analysis and Prioritization

    • We can consistently align and rank potential investments based on our organization’s priority and drivers 

    • We can analyze the impact of new investments against the existing portfolio of approved investments 

    • We have the ability to analyze a portfolio of investments against a time-phased financial budget or target and to understand the impact of trade-off decisions on our ability to deliver the portfolio targets within that budget / target 

    • We can identify under-achieving investments (in terms of revenue and costs) and reallocate the funds / capacity to other investments 

    • We can create investment ‘what if’ scenarios 

    • We can share decisions about potential investments across the organization 

  • Project Monitoring

    • We are able to collect the project execution data necessary to provide the context of in-flight investments in which to make portfolio prioritization and planning / re-planning decisions 

Process Flow

Coming soon. 

Best Practices

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Outputs, Reports, and Analytics

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