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Resource Capacity Planning


This capability provides the mechanism to set resource capacity time-phased targets at the [relevant organizational level] i.e., division, business unit, department. 

Business Outcomes

  • Capacity Targets

    • We can set organizational resource capacity targets against which in-flight and potential new investments can be balanced  

  • Demand Resource Planning

    • We can forecast the effort required to deliver potential new investments, expressing this demand against the relevant named resource  

  • Capacity and Demand Balancing

    • We can assess our ability to successfully deliver potential new investments against resource capacity targets available to the organization 

    • We can analyze the impact of new investments on resource capacity within the context of the existing portfolio of approved investments  

    • We can schedule investments across time to optimize the use of resources 

    • We can quickly identify capacity constraints as investments are approved and reallocate resources to high priority investments 

Process Flow

Coming soon. 

Best Practices

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Outputs, Reports, and Analytics

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